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6 Ways to Keep Your Bones Healthy

Staying healthy and active is conducive to a longer life with reduced health problems. In addition to working out and maintaining a healthy diet, one aspect of your body that you should monitor is your bone health. Bone health is important to avoid osteoporosis, a condition that causes bones to become weak. Bone health should be a priority right from childhood. There are different Joint Supplements which can help you to keep your joint pain at bay. If you haven’t consciously made an effort to keep your bones healthy, it’s never too late to make the right changes in your life. Along with taking health supplements like Ostera, here are some ways to keep your bones healthy.

Eat calcium-rich food

Calcium is the most important mineral for your bones. It is important to consume calcium throughout the day to protect bone strength and structure as old bone cells break down and are replaced constantly. Milk, cheese and yogurt are just a few items that are rich in calcium, along with non-dairy sources like beans, nuts, fortified soy, and orange juice.

Consume vegetables

Vegetables are an integral part of every healthy diet, along with being some of the best sources for vitamin C and calcium. Vegetables, especially green leafy ones, can increase bone density and are known to increase bone mineralization in childhood and maintain bone mass in young adults. Regular consumption of vegetables can also reduce the risk of osteoporosis.

Stay active

You should try to be active and exercise for around 150 minutes each week. Taking up strength training and weight-bearing exercises are some of the best activities for bone health, even in children. These exercises can prevent bone loss in older adults. Running, walking, dancing, hiking and more are some weight-bearing exercises. You can also participate in activities like lifting weights, yoga and push-ups that will help you keep your bones strong.

Reduce caffeine intake

Too much caffeine can reduce the amount of calcium you can absorb. Try to limit your intake to less than 400mg of caffeine per day (for adults).

Quit smoking and limit alcohol intake

A person who smokes tends to have a higher risk of bone fractures and faster bone loss. You can get professional help to help you quit if necessary. Alcohol can also contribute to bone loss, so it’s best to limit your consumption to about two to three drinks per day.

Avoid low-calorie diets

Diets with fewer than a thousand calories can lead to lower bone density. It can also cause loss in muscle mass and slow down your metabolism. While a diet providing more than 1200 calories is recommended, it is important to consult your doctor or dietician to plan a balanced diet rich in vitamins and minerals.

Osteoporosis is common among Americans. Women are more likely to suffer from it than men. Hence, you should begin the journey of improving your bone health immediately. If you live with children or older adults, you should involve and guide them towards this journey as well. While it is best to start early for prevention, those already suffering from osteoporosis can also manage it with exercise and a healthy lifestyle.

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