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4 Best Hair Loss Solutions For Women

Hair Loss Solutions: Hair loss in women often occurs for several reasons. It could be due to alopecia, stress, age, pregnancy, nutrition deficiencies, and thyroid problems. Besides these, some medications and habits, like excessive bleaching, blow-drying, and flat ironing, can also cause hair breaking and falling out.

Despite the cause of your hair loss problem, several solutions could help resolve the issue. However, before using any treatment methods, it’s essential to identify the cause of the problem first. This way, the remedy you choose could be more effective.

Ways to remedy hair loss

Ways To Remedy Hair Loss In Women

If you’re experiencing hair loss resulting from stress, menopause, or pregnancy, you might not need over-the-counter medications or surgery. This is because once your body adjusts to such hormonal changes, the problem might stop and your hair may start developing normally. Nonetheless, you may consider natural remedies that could boost your hair growth.

However, if the cause of your hair loss is wrong habits, stopping such practices may help prevent hair breakage and thinning. These habits include excessive blow-drying, frequent bleaching, or too much flat ironing.

Meanwhile, the best solution for hair loss due to poor nutrition might be changing what you eat. By eating healthier diets and food promoting hair growth, like berries, nuts, and avocado, you might easily put an end to hair loss. However, if you’re taking medications or have a condition causing this issue, you’d need to consult your doctor for the right remedy.

For hair loss that results from different kinds of alopecia, several types of treatments could help. These, however, are offer by professionals. Some of these solutions are provided and well explained below. However, if you’d like to try any of them, ensure you consider an expert experienced and renowned for treating women hair loss. This way, you’d see more outstanding results.

Besides treatment for different types of alopecia, this article also offers solutions for other hair loss causes. Some of the remedies recommended below are natural, while others aren’t. Depending on the root of your problem or your preference, you can consider any of the following solutions.

1. Platelet-Rich Plasma Injections

Platelet-rich plasma (PRP) injections are among the solutions use today that could help with hair loss in women. This treatment involves a doctor removing blood from a patient then drawing platelet-rich plasma from it. After that, what’s collected is injected into the scalp on the affected parts.

Although this treatment might still be new, it’s believed to help lessen hair loss, shedding, and thinning. Also, it could assist in hair regrowth and increase a patient’s hair count and density. Another advantage of this procedure is helping the hair grow naturally without medications or harsh chemicals.

Despite these advantages, however, this treatment option has its side effects. A patient who has undergone this procedure may experience swelling, mild pain, and tenderness in the injected areas. Aside from that, it might also be a bit expensive for some patients.

2. Diet Change

Poor nutrition could contribute to hair loss in women. A lack of iron, zinc, and other micronutrients could make the hair fall out. If you aren’t taking enough of these essentials, this could be the root of your hair loss problem.

To remedy this, you need to change what you eat. Aside from foods rich in iron and zinc, those with omega-3 fatty acids, like walnuts, salmon, herring, and tuna, could help prevent hair loss and promote regrowth. Additionally, edibles with biotin, such as nuts and eggs, and dark green leafy vegetables, like spinach and collards, could also help.

It’s also believed that fad and crash diets for weight loss could cause women to lose hair. These are thought to cause deficiencies in micro- and macronutrients that might help promote hair growth. Instead of these diets, eat meals containing zinc, proteins, iron, and vitamins A, D, C, E, and B12. Nutritious meals could help supply your body with the essentials needed for your hair’s growth.

As an alternative way of losing weight, you can combine healthy eating and regular exercise. Physical activity would help the body lose excessive calories. Meanwhile, healthy meals would ensure you have enough energy and nutrients. This could help increase fullness and reduce hunger. With this combination, it may be possible to lose weight healthily without depriving your body of the necessary nutrients. Also, exercising could help increase blood circulation. As a result, these nutrients would more likely get to your scalp, assisting in hair growth.

3. Laser Therapy

Laser therapy is another solution believe to help women who experience hair loss. For females with pattern balding and androgenic alopecia, this treatment might be effective.

Here, a patient uses laser devices that come in the form of combs and brushes. These tools are specially designe to emit light that’s absorbed into the scalp, stimulating hair follicle cells. With this, the devices are believed to encourage the growth of new and stronger hair.

Some female patients might prefer this kind of treatment to other methods, like surgery. This is because laser therapy may be more tolerable and may not involve the use of harsh chemicals.

4. Hair Transplant

In cases where other solutions aren’t effective, hair transplantation may be recommend. This is a surgery that involves removing hair from one part of the body and adding it to the scalp areas that have been affecte by balding or thinning.

Often, hair transplants are thought to be more effective than some solutions. However, they might also be a bit costly. Enhance Hair Restoration offer hair transplants for both men & women and provide a free hair transplant consultation.

Closing Thoughts

Several factors often cause hair loss in women. Some common ones are age, pregnancy, stress, alopecia, nutritional deficiencies, and habits like excessive blow-drying, flat ironing, and bleaching. Fortunately, some solutions could help in hair regrowth. If you’re looking for such remedies, this article provides some treatments and corrective measures that could be helpful. These include platelet-rich plasma injections, laser therapy, and hair transplantation, not to mention changing what you eat.

However, before considering any of these solutions, it’s recommend to talk to your doctor or dietitian. These professionals would advise you on the most suitable remedy for effective results, depending on your health condition and nutritional needs.

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