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Benefits of Using Indoor Tanning Lotions

When it comes to tanning, it is important to understand that just as there are different ways for tanning, there are different lotions that help you in tanning too. In general, people use a sun tan lotion which is used for outdoor tanning, however, when it comes to indoor tanning, one is required to use an indoor tanning lotion. An indoor tanning lotion is extremely different from an outdoor one. The primary difference is that an outdoor tanning lotion or a suntan lotion is suitable for multiple environments containing UVA as well as UVB rays, however, an indoor tanning lotion is one which suitable for an environment which contains only UVA rays and may or may  not have SPF.

Although most believe in tanning without a tanning lotion, it is important to realize that tanning without a tanning lotion can cause potential damage to one’s skin which can even be fatal. Thus, using an indoor tanning lotion not only prevents multiple skin problems but also enhances and speeds up the tanning process, thus improving you tanning results considerably. Hence, there are multiple benefits that are associated with the use of indoor tanning lotions like:

Easy application

Indoor tanning lotions are extremely user friendly as they are very simple to use. Applying these indoor tanning lotions is as easy as applying any other moisturizer or lotion. Even the consistency and the formula using which these indoor tanning lotions are manufactured is same as any other lotions or moisturizers. Furthermore, these indoor tanning lotions are also absorbed in one’s skin very quickly, thus leaving so scope for discomfort.

Moisturizing effect

The use of indoor sun tanning lotion has a moisturizing effect on one’s skin. This means that indoor tanning lotions come with the benefit of preventing the dryness of skin which follows tanning. Thus, even if some moisture is lost from your skin while tanning, these indoor moisturizers will restore the moisture of your skin.

Protection against sun burns

Using a good quality indoor tanning lotion ensures that you do no face consequences like getting a sun burn or even peeling of skin. Thus, it adds to the safety of the applicant’s skin, preventing one’s skin from getting burnt.

Protection against various damages caused by the sun

When tanning one’s skin, these is always a risk of damaging one’s skin and facing consequences like a sun burn, peeling of skin, and other adverse consequences. An indoor tanning lotion is formulated in such a way that it adds to the safety and protective nature of the lotion preventing the adverse consequences that can happen due to the prolonged exposure to the sun.

Soothing effect on one’s skin

Indoor tanning lotions are not only great moisturizing agents, but also has a soothing and cooling effect on one’s skin. Even in extremely ho conditions,, these indoor tanning lotions can add  cooling effect on one’s skin and appears to be soothing on one’s skin, even if the skin is sunburned.

Boosts vitamin D in one’s body

When one decides to go for tanning by using an indoor tanning lotion, one opens the door for boosting the vitamin D in one’s body, which is a crucial vitamin required by one’s body. Thus, by using these indoor tanning lotions, the need for taking additional vitamin D supplements is eliminated as the vitamin D content in one’s body triggers on using these lotions.

Reduces the risk of cancer

Skin cancer is a fatal condition that can occur due to prolonged exposure to the sun. The harmful UV rays from the sun can cause potential damage to one’s skin and give rise to a condition like sin cancer. However, using a indoor tanning option for the purpose of tanning definitely reduces the chances of a person developing skin cancer. Furthermore, the ability of these indoor tanning lotions to boost the vitamin D in one’s body also potentially decreases the risk of developing various types of cancer like breast cancer, kidney cancer, ovarian cancer, along with skin cancer too.

Leaves you with a healthier skin

The indoor tanning lotions are formulated with multiple great ingredients like antioxidants, vitamins, essential oils, fruit extracts and so on, each of which have a rejuvenating effect on one’s skin. This is the reason why your skin replenishes and becomes healthier on using an indoor tanning lotion.

Oil balance

Another point of benefit of using an indoor tanning lotion is its ability to produce optimal amount of natural oils in the skin. These natural oils and serums that are produced by one’s skin is enhanced by using an indoor tanning lotion. Furthermore, these natural oils helps in keeping one’s skin naturally hydrated, soft and healthy. Moreover, the balanced production of skin oils consequently prevents the development of certain skin conditions like acne, eczema, and so on.

Speeds up the tanning process

One of the primary benefit of using an indoor tanning lotion is that the tanning process is sped up on the application of indoor tanning lotion. Even a tanning lotion with no bronzer allows rapid tanning as the tyrosine in these indoor tanning lotion triggers the natural melanin production in one’s skin.

Ensures even tanning

When one is tanning their skin, a common fear that hits everyone’s mind is that of getting tanned unevenly. The indoor tanning lotions makes sure that you do not face any such problem, however, one has to be very careful in applying these tabbing lotions on one’s skin, taking great care is lathering an even coat all over the skin.

Anti ageing effect

As noted, indoor tanning lotions contain multiple ingredients that contributes to the health of one’s skin. These ingredients moreover even are great in slowing down the unhealthy signs of ageing. Some indoor tanning lotions also have certain skin firming agents that reverses the ageing of one’s skin.


Indoor tanning lotions thus are great ointments that help in moisturizing, smoothening, exfoliating as well as rejuvenating one’s skin along with tanning. With multiple benefits associated with these indoor tanning lotions, it is highly recommended to use them in the process of tanning one’s skin. Furthermore, these indoor tanning lotions are extremely important to use in the process of tanning as it not only have additional benefits but also reduces many risk factors and adverse consequences that can take place in the process of tanning.

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