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10 Ways you can save Money and Time While Buying Beauty Products

Beauty products are so expensive. But that doesn’t mean we should stop buying them altogether. At least I am not going to withdraw any time soon. What we can do in the meantime, however, is practice smart shopping techniques such as using coupons, following the 50 30 20 rule, and buying in bulk (among many other tactics). In doing so, these techniques could save our money and time while also satisfying our urges to explore and own new beauty products.

At around the end of the month, we are badly bared handed and could hardly afford our rents. Then how makeup is possibly being budget-friendly? Read on and find out how can you afford all your beloved beauty products and still have some cash left in your pockets.

1. Use Coupons

Coupons are offered every here and then. You only have to search for them. Coupons are the coolest and most attractive way for buying lots of beauty products on sale. They offer a great variety of discounts on different brands. Almost every brand offers coupons and deals, simply search your beauty brand name + coupons.

I personally use Cult Beauty a leading beauty brand and the best part is I save up to 30% by using Cult Beauty Coupons. As there are very few and selective products available on the coupon, you won’t end up wasting lots of time selecting for one particular product.

2. Buy Online

Online shopping has always been convincing, time-saving, and money-saving mechanism. It gets your products at your doorsteps, and that’s how you save your time. Online buying is more user friendly as in shopping in stores. It offers you time-consuming, no need to wait in long queues, and also you don’t end up buying other products than you’re shopping.

3. Buy in Bulk or Family Size

Family size products are generally more budget-friendly. They come at less price. If you do this not only your beauty products, preferably with all products. You will see how quickly savings accumulate. Check the available units on each size pack. Sometimes stores charge you high for the bigger packaging, knowing that the customer will automatically grab the larger bottle.

4. Opt for No-name Brands

High- end brands are pricing more than the product actual cost. It’s for their brand name. There seem less or no difference in No Name Brand products and High-End products. They both have similar products (most of the time). No Name brand product can perform just as well in quality as high-quality brands do.

5. Scrape out Every Bit of your Product

When you think you have finished your product and about to throw it in the dustbin. Wait, there is still much left in the bottle. Leave 3 inches from the bottom and cut the bottle or a tube using scissors or cutter (very carefully) and see how much is still stuck there. It saves up for 3 to 4 days now. On this method, you are saving one whole bottle for every 9th week.

6. Try Fixing Broken Products

You can fix your broken products rather than throwing them, reasoning they are trash. If your child messed up with your makeup products, leaked your shampoo bottle, or accidentally threw your powder concealer. It’s not the end. Or can easily look for the best solution. Search on YouTube to simply how to fix your makeup products. You will get to see many solutions to any of your problem.

7. Use Coconut Oil to Remove Makeup

Coconut oil is the best alternate for makeup removals. Makeup removers are so expensive. However, Coconut oil removes the makeup particle from inside of your pores and leaves your skin moisturized and glow for overnight. It is as simple and as easy as anything. Massage your face with more coconut oil than you usually do. Now gently remove the makeup from your face with a cotton swab. If your skin is extra dry, Take a few drops of oil and massage over again on a clean face.

8. Search for Reviews Making a Purchase.

Reviews and ranking help us guide through the product quality and customer response towards the product. If the reviews are satisfying that means you can buy that product without any fear factor. Otherwise, there are scamming brands, which are selling low-quality products which can damage your skin. This helps saving time for searching out for no-scamming websites.

9. Shop During Bonus Time

Every store worldwide is offering the best sales in the bonus period. It is Christmas, Black Friday sales, Black November, Cyber Monday, Cyber day, Free shipping day, Super Saturday. These days there are multiple offers and sales available in every store. It is all the way a wonderful holiday period for all the shoppers where you can stock up for the next 3 months.

10. Leave Products in the Cart Overnight

Leaving your products overnight in the cart allows availing of the best offers and cashback. It directs sends a text to the website that their customer has left their purchase on the last step, to encourage you to purchase what you were already going to buy anyway. The majority of the companies start offering 10% and 20% cashback if you continue your shopping and make it to the checkout.

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