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Beauty Career Options In Your 30’s

Beauty Career: In the past, it was common for someone to start work after leaving school and stay in the same job for life. Today, the job-for-life concept is rare. This is because there are so many opportunities available and it’s acceptable to switch careers at least once in your life.

This is actually a good thing because people change. The dreams and passions you had leaving school won’t necessarily stay the same throughout life. Being able to discover who you are and what you really want out of life makes it easier to choose a new career option.

Choosing to switch to a career in beauty is a wise move. This is one industry that sees expansion year after year. It’s a global industry worth billions and, best of all, you can still build a career in beauty even if you don’t start until your 30s or even 40s.

All you need to do is decide what career option suits you best and then complete the associated training.


If you’re looking at getting into one of the busiest sectors of the beauty industry then this is it. Cosmetology covers a wide array of beauty professions, including hairstylists, skin care specialists, nail technicians, and beauticians.

In short, you’ll be helping people look and feel more beautiful. This improves their confidence and is associated with being more successful in life.

You do need a proper qualification to be considered an expert and access a lucrative and rewarding career.


This may seem strange to be included in beauty career options but it is another booming sector. Pathology involves looking at shapes and colours, these relate to tissue samples and identifying any issues with the samples. It directly affects the health and beauty of every client.

That’s why you need to select the right course to ensure you have the training needed to study and understand these samples and then advise the patient on the best course of treatment.

Issues can mean skin is disrupted and clients will be happy to get advice e regarding how to maintain their beauty and youth.


A beauty photographer will take pictures of models, cosmetic brands, and a variety of other beauty-related objects. The aim is to reflect the beauty in everything and potentially to help with customer awareness and marketing.

You’ll need an eye for detail and know which pictures capture the eye and stimulate a response. It’s an intriguing and very satisfying career choice.

Beauty Influencer

Social media has made it possible for people to share tier own experiences and build followings. These ultimately lead to connections with beauty manufacturers and requests to showcase specific products derma prime plus customer reviews.

You’ll be rewarded financially for doing so. It can seem like the easy option but don’t be fooled. This type of career starts with a dedication to the beauty industry and takes a lot of hard work before you can be successful.

Whatever your age and your background, it’s possible to build a career in the beauty industry. All you have to do is decide which path you wish to follow.

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