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Are You Spending Too Much on Your Skin Care Routine?

After a long day working, scrubbing your face clean and luxuriating in a hydrating face mask is a welcome act of self care. At first glance, there’s no harm in indulging in these special beauty products, but a closer look reveals they could be putting your finances at risk. Here are some signs you’re spending too much on your skin care routine:

You’re in Financial Trouble

The clearest sign you’re spending too much on skin care is if you consistently max out your credit card getting your hands on the latest serum that promises to solve acne, dry skin, and photoaging.

This risky habit leaves your finances vulnerable to emergencies. If you had to take your car into the shop for some unexpected work, you can’t put the repairs on your card. So, how would you pay for it?

With your credit tied up with skin care, you might take a look at installment loans to help you afford an unexpected auto repair. Online installment loans from lenders like MoneyKey are designed to work as safety nets when you don’t have any savings.

Although installment loans can help you in a pinch, you shouldn’t be putting yourself in this position to begin with. Build a careful budget to ensure you aren’t overspending if you have to replace a cream or scrub.

You Follow Your Skin Care Hero’s Routine to the Letter

When skin care goddesses like Shani Darden and Charlotte Palermino flaunt saran-wrap skin, it can feel like you can only achieve the same glow by shopping from their shelf. But these beauty gurus tend to stock their toiletry bags with products that cost hundreds of dollars.

They justify these purchases because they’re effective and long-lasting, so its price per use is actually reasonable. However, its upfront cost can be hard to handle when you’re on a tight budget.

Following their advice anyway could be a sign you’re overreaching your budget, so try to find a cheaper alternative. Palermino makes this easy with a video sharing her favorite drug store finds on her TikTok.

You Have More Stuff Than Space

One of the biggest ways to tell you have too many skin care products is if you can’t keep them neatly organized. And no, that’s not an excuse to buy a new cabinet — it’s a sign you should pare back and use what you have.

You Don’t Use Everything

You bought the latest AHA serum, only to realize it irritates your skin. Finding the right skin care takes some trial and error until you land a product that you can tolerate, so it’s normal to have a few products hanging around.

But if you have a graveyard of unopened tubs, spray bottles, and vials still in their original packaging, you might be spending too much. If they’re still sealed and within their best by date, consider selling your extra items before learning how to embrace a minimal skin care routine.

Bottom Line

Your love of looking and feeling good in your skin shouldn’t take over your home or budget. Take a look at your spending habits to see how you can find a happy medium between splurging and necessary self care, remembering to be as kind to your budget as you would your skin.

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