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6 Tell-All Tips on How to Choose the Best Men’s Fragrance For You

Feeling confident and sexy starts from the inside, but it’s also nice to have an outside that you can count on to match that. A haircut, new clothes, and wearing the right scent can add to your inner persona. That’s why world fragrance production is a 46 billion dollar industry.

In addition to combating body odor, wearing a men’s fragrance can help the feeling of being presentable or making a good impression. It can foster a connection with people and even trigger memories.

If you are struggling with choosing the scent for you, continue reading for 6 tips on how to pick the perfect fragrance.

1. Do You Feel Attractive?

While men take their first cues of attraction based on sight, women use their smell, especially in the case of instant attraction. Your fragrance choice should appeal to your significant other.

When you put on a popular men’s fragrance, do you feel attractive or sexy? If your answer is no, but you enjoy the scent, try finding another with a similar base note.

2. Choose the Right Base

The base note of any fragrance is the longest-lasting and also the last to develop. Since it will be with you for a prolonged period, it’s important to find the base note that works together with your natural pheromones.

Sandlewood, musk, moss, and amber are common bases for the most popular men’s fragrance. Make sure you like it because the smell can last for days.

3. Experiment With Other Notes

The top note is made to draw you in and will be listed first on the fragrance. It generally fades after an hour.

The heart notes are the center of the fragrance and make up most of the smell of the cologne straight from the bottle. Because there are so few bases, the combinations of scents that make up the heart note give a variety of final products.

Once you find your base, play around with scents and try a different brand, such as Calvin Klein men’s fragrance or Polo men’s fragrance. Even with the same base, the different notes will create an entirely new smell on you.

4. Wait Before You Buy

Because you will be smelling the base notes longer than the middle or heart notes, take time to wear a fragrance before you purchase it.

A common concern found in men’s fragrance reviews is that the scent purchased smelled different later than it did in the store. This is why samples are so important. Check at a local department store to see if they have a sample of the most popular men’s fragrance.

If you already know what scent you want to purchase, you can save time and sometimes money by purchasing online, from places like PerfumePrice.

5. Cheaper Isn’t Always Better

Investing in a good quality fragrance can sometimes cause sticker shock. However, when you find a scent that compliments you, recognize that the price is equal to a quality product.

The cheaper it is, the more alcohol and water it contains, and the less time the scent will last.

6. Ask for Opinions

Even though you will be the one wearing it, getting the opinions of others can help seal the deal. Check with your significant other, your co-workers, and your friends to see what they think of your new scent.

Be Bold With Your Men’s Fragrance

Now that you’ve chosen the right men’s fragrance, be confident in wearing it. Own your choice and let it go to work for you.

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