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5 Benefits of Using Witch Hazel

The history of witch hazel is a long one. This natural astringent is used to treat skin conditions and promote healing. For generations, the practice of applying witch hazel to wounds, inflammation, irritation, and troublesome skin has been prominent.

Astringents are great for when your skin needs a little refresher. Alcohol-free witch hazel with aloe vera formula astringent is good for oily skin, delicate skin, and normal skin too. It can reduce excessive oil on the face and fight bacteria to prevent breakouts. After long days where makeup or chemical-laden products are worn, astringents will quickly remove them as well as any excess oil that may be sitting on your face.

We know witch hazel is beneficial for many situations, from insect bites to acne, and hemorrhoids to puffy eyes. And its contributions to medicine may prove larger still.

You don’t need to wait for the double-blind trials to come in, however, in order to put witch hazel to work for you today. Here are five benefits you can start to leverage right away.

1. Reduce Inflammation

When an area of your body is inflamed, it means you’re fighting something that might otherwise make you feel discomfort. Swelling and redness reflect the presence of additional fluids, red and white blood cells, and nutrients traveling to the area for the purposes of healing.

However, as much as it helps fight injury and infection, inflamed skin is unsightly and uncomfortable. You can speed up the healing and reduce the signs of inflammation by applying witch hazel to it. Tannins (found in witch hazel) are rich in natural anti-inflammatory compounds that help prevent the spread of infection and inflammation.

2. Soothe Redness

Skin redness can occur for a variety of reasons, from overlong exposure to the sun, to an environmental irritant to allergies. While the redness itself is rarely a serious problem (unless it is sudden and bright, in which case you should seek a doctor’s help), it can be irritating.

If you are worried about your appearance or want to ensure the smoothest, calmest skin, witch hazel can help in a couple of ways. For one thing, it gives skin much-needed moisture in response to burn, dryness or irritation.

For another, witch hazel acts as a vasoconstrictor, which means that it shrinks blood vessels due to its natural astringent properties. As blood flowing beneath the skin is often what causes that rosy flush, this helps to bring redness down as well. Repeated applications result in noticeable effects for many people.

3. Antioxidant Properties

Research indicates that witch hazel may have the ability to protect skin against toxins or irritants in the environment. For instance, one study conducted on dermal fibroblast cells – skin cells responsible for the formation of collagen and other structural compounds – showed that witch hazel was able to reduce the effects of harsh hydrogen peroxide (H2O2).

Witch hazel helps keep the skin barrier safe because of it’s antioxidant properties. This barrier keeps toxins, allergens, and microbes from penetrating the body, so the stronger you can make it, the better off you are.

4. Fight Acne

Acne is the most common skin condition in the world, says the American Academy of Dermatology, affecting around 85 percent of people between 12 and 24 and as many as 50 million Americans every year. Luckily, there’s an herb for that.

Witch hazel takes a multipronged approach to fight acne. It minimizes inflammation, which reduces the appearance of pores and lessens the chance of clogging. It also cleans the skin, reducing the amount of dirt and debris that can get into pores, and facilitates the manufacture of sebum or oil. In other words, it helps control oil production. And three, it soothes irritation and inflammation of existing acne. With a more balanced complexion, you will see fewer blemishes.

5. Treat Sunburn Fast

The redness that comes from spending too much time in the sun is also a result of inflammation. As with other types, you can address it with witch hazel, whose tannins help to reduce redness and fight to swell.

Apply it to your sunburn as soon as possible after exposure with clean hands or a cotton ball, then reapply as often as necessary to cool the burn. Choose between aloe vera, chamomile tea, oatmeal extracts, and other home remedies, as well as over-the-counter analgesics.

Looking for the Right Witch Hazel?

Want to get the above five benefits for yourself? No need to wait. Witch hazel products are famous throughout the world for their gentle formulas that balance the skin’s pH, help manage oil production and acne, and give you that healthy glow for a price you can afford. Give it a try today!

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