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10 Foods to Fight Flu and Colds

Did you know that certain foods help to fight the flu and colds? Indeed, your diet can help you beat infections and viruses and keep you healthy.

The symptoms of influenza have the distinction of appearing suddenly. So few hours ago, you felt in great shape, and suddenly you were dizzy, you felt aches and muscle aches, and the chills and fever and sneezing got involved. May be, you have the flu, and the only thing you dream of is to bury yourself under the covers. Unfortunately, unless there are complications, there are no miraculous medications to relieve you. And by adopting healthy nutrition, you will strengthen your immune system by consuming particular foods to fight the flu and colds.

Here are a few.

1. Chicken Soup to Cure Flu and Colds

No, it’s not a legend! Different studies have shown that chicken soup or stew has a soothing effect, and has slightly anti-inflammatory properties. Besides the famous soup increases the capacity of the olfactory eyelashes of the nasal region aimed at fighting the flu and colds.

2. Garlic to Treat Flu and Colds

Garlic is a miraculous food that fights the flu and the common cold, and which gives strength to the immune system by supporting the production of white blood cells. It is also antibacterial and antiviral. It combined with other foods, such as onion and chili, or it swallowed as it is with water, just like a medicine. If you do not like its taste, then choose to consume it in tablets offered in pharmacies.

3. Ginger to Fight Flu and Colds

Giner used in traditional oriental medicine, ginger root recommended for its natural antitussive properties. A herbal tea based on this rhizome helps to unblock the bronchi and counter respiratory discomfort. Ginger is a useful food, not only for fighting fever due to the flu but also for nausea.

4. Water, Teas, Herbal Teas and Juices

When we want to fight the flu and the common cold, it is essential to get adequate hydration, because the nasal passages and the throat dry out quickly. Opt for caffeine-free drinks, citrus juices rich in vitamin C, low-sodium vegetable juices, and plenty of cold or hot water. Hydration of the mucous membranes dramatically helps to fight the fever caused by influenza. Gargling with warm water, salt, and lemon juice is also useful.

5. Proteins

To fight with flu and colds. Foods containing good proteins advised. Among these, turkey recommended. Its meat is lean and constitutes a solid basis of nutrition. And it is easier to digest when the body is fragile. Also It is a food against the flu and the cold full of minerals and vitamins, which makes it a slice of meat to privilege.

6. Fresh fruits and vegetables

The fruits and vegetables to choose for fighting flu and colds are those that have a high content of antioxidants, vitamins, and minerals. And among these, kale, broccoli, sweet potato, banana, kiwi, and citrus fruits are excellent choices for foods to fight flu and colds.

7. Fish

Eating fish meets our protein needs and keeps us energized. However, in the case of the flu, some fish are better than others. Such as Salmon, tuna, and seafood are rich in fatty acids, especially omega-3. That these improve our immune defense and prevent infections by making antibodies. If you don’t like fish, then opt for omega-3 capsules available in pharmacies to relieve your flu and colds.

8. Ice Creams and Sweets

When the throat is sore and dry due to the flu or a cold, ice cream, fruit sorbets and popsicles will relieve the irritation. But also these frozen foods also help increase hydration and reduce congestion. Choose options that do not contain too much sugar as food to fight your flu and your cold.

9. Honey

Honey has many virtues for coping with the rigors of winter. Besides its antioxidant properties, it relieves irritated throats. It used as-is or to sweeten teas and herbal teas. Besides, this food is considered a antibacterial for the respiratory tract, and it helps to tone the blood circulation.

10. Vitamin Meal Replacements

Too intense flu can cause a loss of appetite.And  do you have nausea and difficulty swallowing? Consider purchasing liquid meal replacements, and make sure these drinks are rich in vitamins and low in sugar. Also liquid substitutes will help you stay on track and get back in shape.

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