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What You Need to Know About CoolSculpting Before Your Appointment?

Everyone deserves to be confident and comfortable in the skin they’re in, but not everyone is. You might have worked hard, consumed a healthy diet, and exercised, but you may still have stubborn fat that just won’t seem to go away.

Fortunately, solutions exist, and one such possible solution is Coolsculpting®. Before your appointment, here are a few things you may like to know.

It’s Not a Weight-Loss Treatment

After reading through a CoolSculpting guide, you might be convinced that this treatment option can help you lose weight. However, CoolSculpting isn’t a weight-loss treatment.

Rather, it’s a non-surgical and non-invasive cosmetic treatment designed to help your body break down fat and flush it out by freezing fat cells and removing them from some areas. While exercising and dieting make your fat cells smaller, it doesn’t eliminate the cells as CoolSculpting can.

Treatments Are Fast

When you’re dedicating hours of your day to exercise and dieting, you might assume that you also have to spend the same amount of time with CoolSculpting treatment to remove stubborn fat. That’s not the case.

Generally, these appointments take up to an hour after your consultant has created an individualized plan. You can easily schedule them into your day without too much hassle. Many people book more than one appointment to maximize their results and manage to balance them with their work and errands.

It Has FDA Clearance

Treatment efficacy is most likely your first priority, but safety is of equal importance. Don’t be afraid to ask your chosen consultant if CoolSculpting is safe. They will be more than happy to tell you that it has FDA clearance for treating fat bulges in areas like your back, flank, abdomen, and thighs.

If you have any questions or concerns about CoolSculpting’s safety, you can always discuss them with your consultant before going ahead with the treatment.

You Will Feel Different Sensations

Just like exercise leads to different sensations like sweating and exhaustion, you will also notice different feelings during your CoolSculpting appointment. Most people feel some initial stinging and tingling from the cold, but these feelings may subside once the part of your body receiving treatment goes numb.

Afterward, it’s normal to notice bruising, redness, and minor pain and discomfort for up to around two weeks. Your consultant will likely talk you through what to expect when your appointment begins, especially if you’re feeling any anxiety or stress.

There Can Be Noticeable Differences in Weeks

After putting up with stubborn fat that doesn’t shift with gym and home workouts for months, or even years, you’re probably quite excited about the prospect of saying goodbye to some of it for good. Many people notice differences within just weeks and significant transformations in months.

However, you may require more than one treatment over weeks or months to get the results you desire. Some people also like to maximize their results with light compression massages that not only help you relax but may also speed up the fat flushing process.

When you’re not feeling confident in your body, no matter how much effort you put into targeted weight loss, CoolSculpting may be a suitable option for you. This information above might be all you need to know before deciding if this cosmetic option suits your needs.

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