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What Can Swimming Do For Your Health?

If you’re searching for a cardio workout that targets your whole body, swimming is a great choice. There are a lot of benefits that you can get from swimming all you need to do is to buy swimwear online. It’s the type of recreational activity that’s fit for all ages. Besides being fun, it is a great way to keep fit, exercise, and make friends.

Here are some of the health benefits of swimming:

1. It’s a whole-body exercise

One of the advantages of swimming that you can’t always get from other workouts is that it works out your entire body. It requires the use of all your body muscles, so you’ll get a full-body exercise session. Plus, the water currents cause your body to work harder. This means swimming for 30 minutes is comparable to 45 minutes of a similar land workout.

When you compare swimming to running, the benefits of swimming laps outweigh running laps, especially when it comes to the impact on your body and muscles. Different strokes work out distinct muscle groups, and mixing them up will give you a well-balanced workout.

2. Swimming is an intense calorie-burner

Since it’s a whole-body workout, swimming is an excellent way to burn calories. The number of calories burned depends on a person’s weight and how actively they swim. Depending on the stroke you choose and how intensely you swim, it can burn equal or greater calories than running. It’s why swimming is highly recommended for people who are trying to lose massive weight.

3. It improves your cardiovascular health

A cardio exercise includes the heart, lungs, and circulatory system. While your muscles are getting an excellent workout, your cardiovascular system is, too. It keeps your lungs and heart strong. Swimming also reduces your risk of heart diseases. It can also help control your blood sugar and blood pressure levels.

4. Swimming is utilized by people who are recovering from injury

Swimming is a safe exercise for people with injury, disability, other conditions that may not be compatible with high-impact exercises. Medical experts, in fact, recommend light exercise for people who are recovering from injury. If running or even walking seems unappealing for these people, it is another option to consider. Staying in water will help lessen your pain and improve your recovery.

5. It’s a safe exercise for pregnant women

Pregnant women also need an adequate amount of exercise. If running seems like an impossible workout for you, swimming can be a great alternative. This activity can be performed in all three trimesters. Swimming may also help reduce the risk of congenital defects and preterm labor.

Remember that although It is generally a safe activity during pregnancy, there may be restrictions to some women because of pregnancy complications. It’s best to consult your doctor first before doing any exercise programs.

6. Swimming is excellent for your general wellbeing

Staying active is vital for your health, but being mentally fit is also essential. It can help you with this. Simply, can help you relax and de-stress which, in turn, can positively affect your mental outlook in life.

7. It lowers stress and is a good mood booster

Swimming and simply being in the water for long periods of time can help with your relaxation. This is why many people go to the beach with their friends and family. They can unwind and forget about the stress at work.

When swimming, your body releases endorphins, the feel-good neurotransmitters that affect your sense of happiness.

Generally being physically active and doing exercises regularly is a good mood booster and can help improve your self-esteem too.

8. Swimming can make you smarter

This may be a little-known fact but it actually helps with your memory function and thinking skills. This isn’t just beneficial for work but it’s essential especially as you age.

Regular exercise, in general, helps decrease insulin resistance and inflammation in the brain, encouraging the growth of new brains cells. It also helps improve mood, anxiety, and stress, boosting your capacity to think clearly and efficiently.

9. Swimming is a great skill to have


The benefits of swimming are not limited to your physical and mental fitness only. Knowing how to swim can help you save lives when there are accidents or unforeseen events which require this skill.

Wrapping Up

If you’re looking for an excellent aerobic and overall body workout, swimming can provide all that and more. Of course, don’t forget about your safety while you’re in the water. Follow safety precautions. Better yet, don’t swim alone. It’s more fun when you’re with your friends and family.

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