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Feeling “less”: 5 Tips to Reduce our Feeling of Inferiority

Does our life seem feeling of inferiority, i.e., “less”exciting,, “less” thrilling, and “less” costly than those of others? Ah yes? Really? Thanks to social media, we have access to the lives of others, down to the smallest details. The Instagram accounts of some make us turn green with jealousy. The flood of photos of others on Facebook makes us realize that our daily lives are beautiful compared to theirs. Not to mention that Pinterest imposes on us a perfect vision of a particular ideal that is difficult to achieve.

Also, our neighbors, colleagues, friends, and even family can be endless sources of comparison. We analyze what they do and then assess it with our own life. Phew! Comparison is a problematic exercise from which one rarely comes out a winner.

On the one hand, we could see the comparison as an engine pushing us to surpass ourselves, but often it provokes the opposite entirely. We feel inferior, “less” than the others, and not very worthy of interest. It is a slope that should avoid because the consequences of the comparison are harmful.

The Feeling of Inferiority can

Encourage us to erase ourselves and not to take our place.

  • Harm our personal and interpersonal development.
  • Push us to fold in on ourselves.
  • Keep us in a state of depression and sadness.
  • Create stress and even anxiety attacks.
  • Cause a tendency to victimization.
  • Reduce our self-confidence and make us lose our confidence.
  • Heighten our fear of judgment from others.

We must, therefore, try to get rid of this habit, which attached to us for years.

1. Unraveling the Feeling

From where does the feeling of inferiority come? When have we already experienced a bitter failure that hurt us? For whom do we act? Why are we so demanding of ourselves? When (and with whom) do we experience this feeling of inferiority at its strongest? By digging a little, we will discover the cogs of our habit, will be able to act better on it and be better in our skin.

2. Take a Healthy Distance

Social media can be severe if you don’t know how to distance yourself. It remembered that we only see life embellished and individual bits of everyday life consciously chosen by others. They only show themselves in their best light. Being aware of this fact helps us not to compare our whole life with a small piece of theirs.

3. List Our Talents

It is impossible that we have no talent and that others have them all! Impossible! We list what we are proud to build on our strengths. And it does not mean sweeping away the rest, but when we always feel inferior to others, we tend to minimize our talents and amplify those of others. We act to find a better balance.

4. Monitor Our Thoughts

As soon as we feel that we are comparing ourselves, we stop. We can even say aloud “stop” to create a cut. If possible, we instantly do something else so that we no longer have both feet in our worthless fold.

5. Destroy the Comparison or Draw Inspiration from it to Over Feeling of Inferiority

In the face of a harmful comparison, we should either “demolish” it by trying to minimize its negative impact on us by highlighting our strengths or by taking a certain distance (as in # 2). Otherwise, we draw inspiration from it to initiate real change. We no longer stagnate in unfavorable comparison; we use it to find a concrete and positive way to flourish.

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