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The Best Body Shaping Procedures

Body Shaping Procedures: It’s getting easier to receive cosmetic procedures that will offer you varied methods to reshape and contour your body as technology advances. As new pieces of technological equipment emerge and new surgical techniques to avoid extensive recovery time have been developed, cosmetic treatments focusing on body sculpting have never been so accessible to the general public. But with all these choices at your disposal, the body-shaping cosmetic procedures that are best for you can be difficult to determine and requires large amounts of research. These modern cosmetic procedures will prove to be beneficial for women who have a long-standing desire to modify certain areas in an effective way.

Find out what new body-shaping procedures are most effective and safe.


CoolSculpting is a body sculpting procedure that is non-surgical and non-invasive. Targeting stubborn areas where fat pockets refuse to be reduced, CoolSculpting is an FDA-approved treatment that will freeze fat cells until they are destroyed. The frozen fat cells will eventually be expelled from your body, and over 20% of fat will be removed from the areas that have been treated. As a whole, this process will only take a half hour to one hour, and it is during the initial part of the process that the fat cells become frozen when you feel most uncomfortable. It should be noted that this treatment is never a viable solution for weight loss, but instead, it removes excess fat that becomes more difficult to naturally remove as you age.

Fat grafting

Fat grafting refers to a different set of procedures that remove fat from one area of the body, and that fat is then displaced elsewhere in a location of your choosing. Mostly, patients of this treatment prefer to have the fat placed in areas that include the buttocks and breast area, where it can naturally enhance other body parts without the need for more invasive surgery to do so. Depending on what areas you get treated, the time of the treatments itself will ultimately vary. More so, swelling should be expected after this treatment has been completed but will subside in a matter of days or weeks.

Skin tightening

For body contouring measures that you may want, skin tightening is the perfect solution. There are many different pieces of technological equipment that can be utilized to tighten skin and actively work to produce more collagen and elastin for a naturally tightened appearance. With devices that have plasma energy, you can safely tighten skin without having to resort to invasive measures that will leave you with a lengthy recovery time. With laser resurfacing, and skin tightening methods, you’ll be able to tighten sagging and drooping skin for a more naturally contoured appearance.


EmSculpt has only been developed in the last couple of years but has already received FDA approval, ensuring that it’s a safe treatment to get to modify your body in a way that’s akin to working out. EmSculpt removes unwanted fat pockets with intense electromagnetic energy, where the muscle is subsequently stimulated at the same time. EmSculpt will stimulate muscle and quickly burn fat, where results will be visible nearly imminently. Getting EmSculpt treatment means you also can go about your day afterward with no downtime and rest required, but getting at least four sessions is needed for the best results.


Fillers are often used to enhance skin quality and combat aging, but they can also be utilized to shape and contour your body to an extent. With fillers like Sculptra, you can restore the volume you have lost due to illness or through the natural course of aging. These fillers, typically approved by the FDA, can reshape parts of your body and facial features that have become hollow and droopy. Effectively restoring volume will shed years off your body and reshape it for a more youthful look.


To reduce love handles and fat excess around the abdomen area, Sculpsure can be a viable and non-invasive solution. Sculpsure uses low-energy technology and a laser that targets fat cells, destroying them in 25 minutes. These cells that are destroyed using this technology are not damaged and can treat up to four areas of your body simultaneously. Once the areas that have been treated are eventually dissolved, you will notice an immediate difference, where your body will be more contoured and shaped.