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What to Do with Blemished and oily skin? – Divine Beauty Tips

Oily skin: How nice it would be if we woke up with an airbrush face à la Kim Kardashian every day. But we are not naturally matt and have many impurities on the skin. Why do these arise, and how can you fight them?

A natural glow may bring some freshness to your face. Still, it also emphasizes any impurities. Especially in the T-zone, i.e., chin, nose, and forehead, we prefer a matted rather than a glossy finish. And if you have oily skin, it is often impure. How so?

Impurities arise from sebum and hormones

Basically, oily skin has increased sebum production. It produces more skin fat than would actually be necessary, and this then deposits on the skin as a glossy film. Oily skin often leads to form blackheads and pimples, which is why oily skin is often associated with blemishes. If you want to know more about oily skip tips, visit us today.

Sebum and skin cells then expand in pore channels and are responsible for an irregular skin surface. The consequences of this are often enlarged pores.

The causes of oily skin can be acquired or hormonal. Impurities can occur in stressful conditions or mixing up of hormones, for example, during puberty, pregnancy, or even during menstruation.

Tips Against the oily skin

Brush and sponge: If you have an oily skin type, you should not apply your make-up with your fingers. Better use a brush or sponge so that you can work the product well into the skin.

Blotting Paper: A small paper that removes the sebum from the skin and gives you a matt look. If you don’t have an anti-shine cloth nearby, you can dab the affected area with kitchen paper or a handkerchief. The main thing is that the cloth can absorb grease.

Primer: First, use a primer before foundation. This is available in liquid or creamy form and is intended to reduce the size of the pores, making the make-up adhere better.

Powder: An oil-free powder can provide a fresher look during the lunch break when the sebaceous glands are particularly active. It is best to use a transparent variant so that you have a natural result.

Settings spray: So-called settings spray to ensure a matt finish. You should hold the make-up as you applied it in the morning. However, you can also apply a few splashes on the skin during the day to keep the matting.

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