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Makeup Fixer – What is it, How Does a Makeup Fixer work? – 2020

Have you ever failed a makeup fixer you bought and lost faith in? Is it hard for you to believe that in a product, there can be so much difference? Do not worry, and our function is to clear your doubts. Below, we present to you the most common questions about fixatives and, of course, their respective answers.

What is a Makeup Fixer?

The fixative is a product that is designed to prolong the effect of makeup. If it is of quality, it can prevent makeup from cracking or smudging from sweat or rubbing. Some fixatives perform the additional function of hydrating the skin. The most professional products can maintain their effectiveness for up to 20 hours.

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There are other cosmetics – such as primer or moisturizer– that also help to fix makeup. However, they are not equally effective because they are not designed exclusively for this purpose. There are fixatives specifically for certain types of makeup, such as eyebrows. And also products for the whole face, which are the most common.

How Do Makeup fixatives work?

Sometimes, it is hard to imagine how a product is capable of achieving a long-lasting effect on makeup. We explain how the majority of fixatives act to do their “miracles.”

  • Reduce skin temperature: Many fixatives have cooling technology to lower the temperature of the face. This helps the makeup to stay on the skin.
  • They seal makeup: they are products that have special polymers to keep intact the effect of cosmetics. They act as a light mesh under your makeup.
  • Refresh and moisturize: Many fixatives have moisturizing ingredients that give your face a fresh, luminous look after makeup.

How should I apply the spray makeup fixer?

Many women don’t know how to incorporate the use of spray makeup fixer into their beauty routine. If you are one of them, we explain it step by step.

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  • After you have made up: put the spray at a distance of between 15 and 20 centimeters from your face. To calculate it, put your thumb on your nose, stretch your hand and where you finish the little finger, you must hold the fixative.
  • Shoot three times: The first time, it covers from the nose to the hairline. The second, from the nose to the chin. For the third shot, move the product further away and cover the entire face.
  • Wait a few minutes for it to dry on its own, without the aid of a dryer or a towel.

What other uses can I give a Makeup Fixer?

These tricks will delight you if you are creative and like to get the most out of your cosmetic products. Some of the most famous professional makeup artists have experimented with the benefits of fixatives and identified the following.

  • If you want the eyeshadows to adhere more easily to the skin, moisten the brushes with makeup fixer.
  • Use a light fixer on your cheeks before applying the highlighter to intensify its effect.
  • Use a sunscreen fixative. It is the perfect solution to protect your face from the sun after applying makeup.

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