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How does an Uncontested Divorce Differ From Other Types of Divorce?

When a couple decides to get divorced, the first thought that comes into their mind is to appeal to the court for divorce, even if the divorce is being done by mutual consent, the biggest reason behind this is the lack of information amongst the people. Even today, many people don’t know that apart from a contested divorce, there is another way to get a divorce too known as “uncontested divorce”. So, to understand this more briefly, read the complete article.

The couples who have been filled for uncontested divorce don’t need to wait for a long period to get divorced.

Couples who take uncontested divorce huntsville al do not need to wait long to get divorced, because they don’t require to follow the procedures such as testing and discovery and This is why settlement of such divorce is done quickly.

On the other hand, if a couple divorces without mutual consent then in such circumstances they have to face many procedures related to divorce, due to which their lot of time wasted. WRG – Family Lawyers Townsville explains, a contested divorce is a legal proceeding in which both parties to a marriage are represented by lawyers and argue their case in front of a judge. In most states, a contested divorce is the only way for a couple to legally end their marriage. However, in some states, there are other ways for couples to get divorced without going to court.

Mostly those people will take uncontested divorce who have no child or have less property.

People seeking contested divorces are often those who have been married for many years and who have a lot of property as well as children, such people file for contested divorce due to get a share in the property or child custody.

On the other hand, couples who seek an uncontested divorce are often those who have been married for a few years and who have no property or children, such people do not have any condition while divorcing, so they can get divorced easily.

Taking an Uncontested divorce is inexpensive.

Due to lack of information, while taking a contested divorce, the couple is not able to handle the court process alone, so they need to hire a good lawyer which costs the couple a lot of money, on the other hand in an uncontested divorce even without hiring a lawyer, the couple can get a divorce, due to which they save a lot of money.

A couple who file for uncontested divorce don’t needs to appeal in a court for the mediation to resolve the disputes.

Couples are not required to appeal to the court for mediation when taking an uncontested divorce as the uncontested divorce is done by mutual consent, so there is little chance of any kind of opposition from both sides. However, while taking a contested divorce, the couple needs to appeal to the court for mediation, and sometimes in such a divorce, the dispute between the couple arises greatly, due to which it takes a lot of time to get the divorce.


Taking a divorce is a very serious decision as it involves a lot of emotions therefore, think before taking a decision and if you’re confident about your decision then go ahead and choose the right way to get divorced as it not only save your time or money but along with this it also helps you to avoid disputes between you and your partner in future.

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