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How Do You Manage Dental Emergencies Like a Chipped Tooth?

Dental Emergencies like a chipped tooth: You can’t avoid some things in life, no matter how hard you try. And chipping teeth is one of them. There are so many ways people can avoid having chipped teeth, but you cannot still do anything about bad luck and hard knocks at times. It applies to both kids and adults. Some of the common factors leading to this painful experience include falling flat on the mouth or getting a blow to it, cavities, chewing on hard food items, traumatic accidents, sports injuries, etc. In other cases, lack of adequate nutrition can be one. Those suffering from bruxism (clenching or grinding teeth) can also encounter this.

All these can cause immense worry and tension in anyone. But cosmetic dentists with expertise and experience can handle any dental situation efficiently. Do you live in Melville? Suppose you face the problem of a chipped tooth. In that case, you can search for urgent dental care near me in Melville, Long Island, NY, for immediate medical attention to soothe your discomfort and do away with any significant dental harm. Advanced technologies and treatments can repair this common problem smoothly, and you wouldn’t even feel that you ever had a chipped tooth. Let’s now explore this emergency case more to handle it appropriately.

Why should you care about the chipped tooth?

Chipped teeth may be unsightly, but they don’t often cause problems in and of themselves. However, it is essential to monitor the chipped tooth closely over time to ensure no infection or other issues develop that could require medical treatment. Your chipped tooth isn’t causing any pain right now doesn’t mean that something worse can’t happen later. The nerve of your chipped tooth, for example, may become exposed without proper care, which can cause severe issues with sensitivity and pain.

In addition, when the nerve becomes exposed, your chances of developing an infection increase dramatically because bacteria are more likely to enter the nerve canal than if the tooth is intact. Since a chipped tooth might not seem like a big deal at first glance, it can still be beneficial to seek prompt medical attention with an expert dental team as quickly after the incident as possible. After all, this visibly minor issue can cause challenges like toothache, damaged enamel, smile imperfection, sensitivity, tooth loss, infection, and abscess. You would want to be more careful, depending on the size of the chip.

Large chipped tooth

Large chips need the most attention and care. While they can be immediately noticeable, they also have the potential of being the most damaging if left untreated, causing uncomfortable pain and potentially devastating cosmetic damage. When faced with this scenario, seek prompt attention from a qualified dental professional who can give you both immediate relief while preventing further harm by closely monitoring any infection or other complications that might arise in conjunction with the injury. Even if they cannot save your tooth, they will extract the remains of the broken or chipped tooth and suggest the best solution to fill that void to minimize the risk of further damage or harm. Getting quick treatment without delay will give you peace of mind as a patient and may even save your smile.

Medium chipped tooth

When it is a medium chip, there are still some risks involved. It is essential to seek professional care from a dentist to ensure the tooth remains intact and you avoid an infection. Taking care of a chip immediately after it appears, even if it’s medium-sized, is possible at home with a fluoride rinse and some warm saltwater. It can help prevent further problems from arising down the line. The longer you put off seeing a dentist for dental care for damaged teeth, the more likely bacteria will start to build up in between, and more severe pain becomes inevitable. Not only can you prevent infections by seeing our dentist but also avoid as much discomfort as possible.

A skilled and trusted dentist can quickly repair medium-sized chips on a tooth – primarily if you both work fast and act with haste (probably within 24 hours), as it is always advisable to save the tooth’s chipped part. Other options for dealing with damaged teeth include crowns and veneers, but it’s best not to wait long if you can help it. An untreated broken or chipped tooth may eventually leave you with an infection that can cause more pain depending on the severity of the damage. And the longer you wait before seeking treatment for your broken tooth, the harder it becomes to treat.

Small chipped tooth

A small chipped tooth is usually a cosmetic dentistry matter. In many instances, the fracture in your enamel may not be profound and has not reached the sensitive layers lying under your enamel. If so, your dentist can fix it with a polishing instrument, removing the outer layer of the worn or damaged tooth and the rough edges of the damaged area. Another option may be bonding. The dentist can bond materials to the front surface of your teeth to maintain their structure and previous appearance.

Remember, medical treatment is crucial if you ever sustain a chipped tooth and no matter how small the chip. Even with a small chip, there is always the risk of an infection setting in that may not only affect your teeth by damaging the bone and gums but also damage the teeth around them – rendering them useless. With dental help, you’ll never have to worry about other problems related to a chipped tooth, such as infections. They can even reverse the damage so that your chipped tooth may go unnoticed one day.

Taking care of chipped tooth

One of the things you can do is wash your mouth with warm water to remove debris and blood and reduce your pain. Water shouldn’t be hot as it can cause sensitivity. If there is bleeding, you can use gauze to apply gentle pressure on the affected tooth. For swelling, using a cold compress or ice pack on the outer side of the face close to the affected tooth can be beneficial.

Essentially, there are many things you can do to handle the situation of a chipped tooth. But that doesn’t mean you can escape meeting with your dentist.

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