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Hottest Style Trends to Follow in 2022

Style Trends to Follow in 2022: A tumultuous 2021 is almost behind us, and now, it’s time to look forward to all that 2022 has to offer. As you set your resolutions, think carefully about how your personal sense of style will fit into the new year.

If, like many people, you’ve let fashion fall by the wayside for far too long, you’ll be thrilled to discover that 2022’s top styles are fun, accessible, and comfortable — but they encourage you to play up your look more than you probably have the last two years.

As you browse fashion magazines and Instagram influencer pages for wardrobe ideas, be sure to keep these upcoming trends in mind:

The Return of Wide-Leg Pants

Skinny jeans have been on the outs for a few years now, but their move away from cool will become even more obvious in 2022 as wider silhouettes continue to take over. These comfy pants are incredibly versatile, with wide legs featured in everything from denim to soft polyester.

While often deemed casual, wide-leg pants can certainly be dressed up for a night on the town or even a day at the office. They can be high-fashion, high-comfort, or a blend of both. For the most flattering look, pair wide legs with a fitted top.

Preppy Tops

From polos to chunky sweaters, the prep look will be a big deal in 2022. This positively academic aesthetic will appeal to anyone who is tired of casual wear and wants to bring a bit of formality into their everyday ensemble. That being said, prep staples such as cable-knit sweaters remain comfy enough to rock at home.

As you get excited for the return of prep, keep in mind; this isn’t quite like the academic look that took over during the early 2000s. Rather, the upcoming take on prep adds a bit of modern edge.

Often, this means playing with proportions — prep crop tops, for example. The reverse will also prove popular: oversized polos and letter sweaters. Grunge add-ons such as faux leather or Chelsea boots are more than welcome if you’re reluctant to go full-on prep.

Tracksuits Take Over

It’s no secret that skinnies are a thing of the past, but this could be followed by the end of the leggings-dominated athleisure movement. While leggings may not disappear completely in 2022, the trend towards wider silhouettes will be as prominent in the realm of athletic fashion as it will be for jeans and formal wear. This will be most evident as tracksuits once again are seen everywhere from the gym to the street.

In 2022, many tracksuits will feature trendy tailoring and luxe details that allow them to move from fitness centers to more upscale locations. While wide legs will most definitely be welcome, sleeker looks will also be acceptable. Joggers, for example, can be incorporated when a tapered leg is preferred. Meanwhile, velour may be on its way back, although new takes will feature quarter-zip tops or even pullover sweaters.

Bold, Bright Colors

Say goodbye to neutrals for now; in 2022, vibrant hues will dominate. We all could use a boost of energy, which we’ll find in our wardrobes as we experiment with daring colors that we once avoided.

Yellow, in particular, will be a big deal in the new year, as will bright shades of red such as saffron. While these hues were once reserved for accessory-based pops of color, they’ll be more heavily featured in the upcoming year. Keep watch for brightly-colored jackets, pants, and tops — and don’t be afraid to go all-out with head-to-toe color for an eye-catching look.

Lots of Layers

Layering never left entirely, but it’s typically been sleeker and more subtle in the past few years. However, with looser silhouettes and brighter colors come a greater desire to experiment with layering techniques we haven’t seen in years.

The cami over the T-shirt or dress has already had a resurgence, but now, it’s time to take layering to the next level. For example, runway models have been spotted with polos beneath knit tops, which, in turn, peek out from huge scarves. Don’t hesitate to get creative as you embrace this versatile trend.

From vibrant colors to casual prep and everything in between, 2022 promises to take the fashion world in a whole new direction. Feel free to experiment with creating your signature style for an exciting new year.

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