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Highly Recommended Activewear brands for women in 2021

Activewear brands for women: With the year almost coming to an end and the winter festivities beginning, a fresh resolve to commit to self-care and staying healthy sparks up in almost every female, but hitting the gym without a suitable set of workout clothes for women can become a thorn in your side. Gym clothes for women are designed to not only satisfy your desire to look your best and feel your best, but also to gear you up for a satisfactory workout session, helping you get into shape with the minimal amount of inconveniences such as sweat-patches and odour. Due to these factors this line of clothing becomes usable in not only intense workouts, but also as daily wear.

Due to the sheer practicality of activewear and athleisure wear, countless brands have emerged and transitioned in order to provide you with gym wear that caters to your every workout need. Unfortunately, workout clothes for women that have the correct fit, and a trendy style, are a hard find. To make your life easier, this list has been compiled highlighting the best activewear brands of the year. So that, you can now focus on your exercising, and leave the worrisome choices of high-standard gym apparel to us.


Top-grade fabric coupled with designs that overflow with excellence and innovation can be witnessed in every launch of SQUATWOLF’s line-up of workout clothes for women. SQUATWOLF’s unique designs are both functional and attractive, adding a stunning yet comfortable finish to the apparel. Their gym wear for women is made to enhance your confidence as well as performance, while providing ease of movement and a fashionable look. They also have a separate category of workout accessories that include top-quality and long-lasting goods, such as skipping ropes, resistance bands, and power bands of different stretchability. Their gym wear for both men and women is kept at affordable prices, and is guaranteed to be durable and feather-light, so that your workout goes smoothly and without any irritations or restrictions.

Outdoor Voices

With a mission to get the world moving by taking exercising to a new level with the addition of fun, Outdoor Voices is a brand that aims to free fitness from performance. It creates high quality workout clothes for women that are suitable for both exhaustive exercises in the gym as well as for outdoor recreational activities such as hiking, trekking and mountain climbing. Their exclusive products include zip-off pants for easier hiking, leggings with extra pockets to carry essentials or snacks, and many other apparel and accessories. To top it all off, their gym clothes for both men and women are made of recycled material, and so is their packaging, making them an eco-conscious brand.

Pins to Kill

Even though Pins To Kill is a relatively new brand, its spot on the list is unarguable due to it swiftly taking the fitness industry by storm. Since it is a small-scaled business having a limited inventory, customers are only allowed to purchase products twice in a month, on a first come first served basis. In the field of workout clothes for women, their customizable leggings have gripped the world, leaving most people unable to resist ordering a pair for themselves. These leggings basically incorporate the designs that are uploaded by you, the consumers, making them custom-made, which adds an extra flavor of fun and enthusiasm to your daily workout sessions.


A brand with a diverse collection of women’s clothing including gym wear, loungewear, swimwear, essentials and other accessories, is the best way to introduce the brand ATHLETA, which boasts of women empowerment and inclusivity. Their apparel includes workout clothes for women which are offered in a wide range of sizes, in order to provide you with the best fitting and exceptional comfort. In addition, this brand walks the extra mile by also providing diverse options in terms of height variations, for many of its articles. This is how the brand lives up-to its vows of inclusivity and diversity. ATHLETA’s gym wear for women uses fabric that is not only quick-drying, long-lasting and odour-reducing, but also made from environmentally sustainable fibers, making this brand eco-friendly and well worth its price.


A brand selling women’s gym clothes which originated in Australia, LILYBOD has become well-known throughout the world, amongst exercisers and trainers for its chic styles, thin and smooth material, and innovative designs. This brand’s workout clothes for women include tops and leggings that not only make you stand-out in the gym, but also adapt to any other situation by giving you a picturesque look and enabling unrestricted movement.

The Takeaway

Although there exist many other brands that produce gym clothes for women, the ones mentioned in this list are the best of the best, making them the elites of this field. Among these, SQUATWOLF reigns supreme due to its wholesomeness that satisfies your every single workout need, may it be flexible clothing, proper fitting essentials or even sturdy gym accessories; they have it all!

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