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 5 Key Elements of a Beautician Resume

The beautician resume is your opportunity to showcase why you’re an excellent candidate by showcasing your skills and achievements in the best possible manner.

An ardent beautician possesses a righteous knowledge of beauty products and equipment. But having the knowledge is one thing, and presenting them in your resume in a structured way is another.

Therefore, we have written this article to aid you in creating a beautician resume or resume of a makeup artist to seize the dream opportunity you are looking for.

Here’s is what you will find in this article:

  • How to craft an impeccable summary for a beautician resume?
  • How to write your skills in the beautician resume?
  • How to curate a professional experience section to improve readability?
  • How to make an education section for a beautician resume?
  • How to incorporate keywords in your beautician resume to make it ATS friendly?

How to Write a Beautician Resume Summary?

A resume summary is ideally a 3-4 line paragraph that addresses your competency and accomplishments related to the job you are applying for.

Ensure that you are listing down the skills in this section and describing how you can use those skills to deliver a quantifiable impact for the next organization.

Put the resume summary on top of your resume as its primary goal is to pique the hiring manager’s interest in your candidacy.

Here are some pointers you must consider while writing a perfect beautician resume summary:

  • Quantify the summary section by stating the years of experience while starting the summary.
  • Do not write the summary in the first-person or second-person point of view.
  • Focus on your skills and core competency while writing the summary.

What Are Some Skills to Put On a Beautician Resume?

The average time spent scanning a resume is 7.4 seconds. There are thousands of applicants applying for the same post every day. To grab the opportunity, it’s crucial to stand out from the crowd.

Your resume must be captivating to entice the hiring manager to read your entire resume and know more about you. Therefore, it’s crucial to communicate your skills in your resume effectively.

The recruiter should be able to identify your skills the moment they lay eyes on your resume. We suggest you present your skills just below the summary by making a distinct ‘key skills’ section.

Let’s look at a few key skills of a beautician:

  • Cosmetology
  • Appointment Scheduling
  • Payment Handling
  • Cross-selling
  • Needs Assessment
  • Issue Resolution
  • Treatment Documentation
  • Customer Service

How Do You Put Beautician Experience on a Resume?

It is imperative to present your work experience with a great attention to detail. Your skills and work experience fail to make an impact if you present them randomly.

Most candidates commit the mistake of using paragraphs to compose their work experience. Using paragraphs is a big resume blunder that affects the readability experience and It can highly reduce your chances of getting shortlisted.

Here are a few tips to help you write a stellar professional experience section:

  • Use reverse chronological order to write the professional experience section.
  • Craft a one-liner bullet point, each starting with a power verb to showcase your skills and accomplishments.
  • Use numbers wherever you to showcase the depth of your contribution better. For example: “Served 10+ clients daily catering to their beauty care needs while fostering positive word-of-mouth advertising, referrals, and recommendations.
  • Make sure that there is a concrete cause-and-effect relationship in each point.
  •  Group 3-4 similar bullet points under relevant subheadings and highlight important numbers, words, and phrases to improve readability.

How Do You Write the Qualifications Section of a Beautician Resume?

Always include an ‘education’ section in your resume and write your educational qualification in reverse chronological order.

If you have over three years of professional experience, you can remove 10th and 12th from your resume.

But if you are an entry-level professional, you must add detailed education information and add course modules relevant to your career.

Also, add the certifications you have undertaken that are highly important from your career perspective. You can also make a different ‘certifications’ section below your education section and add them there.

Note: If you are an experienced professional, you must add the ‘education’ section below the ‘professional experience’ section.

How to Incorporate Keywords in a Beautician Resume?

Did you know that tailoring a resume targeted to the specific job you are applying for boosts your chances of getting shortlisted?

It’s time to say goodbye to the good old days when you could send the same resume to different organizations. It’s time to level up and customize your resume.

Read through the job description carefully to identify the responsibilities and skill requirements. Each organization has a specific requirement, and thus, the keyword for every job listing would be different.

Identify the keywords, and highlight the skills and achievements according to the job description.

Note: Ensure that you do not write any skill or experience in your resume that you can’t justify during the interview.

Key Takeaways

Creating a resume is not as easy as it seems to be. We believe that guide has helped you in making your beautician resume. Below are a few key takeaways from the guide’ 5 key elements of a beautician resume’ so that you don’t miss out on any essential details.

  • Ensure that you write your summary in paragraph form and not bullets.
  • Write the professional experience/education qualification in a reverse chronological order, which means the most recent job/qualification is listed first in the order.
  • Write your skills and achievements in a single-line bullet points. Each point must start with a power verb.
  • Use numbers wherever possible in your work experience section and bold important numbers and words to improve readability.
  • Customize your beautician resume by incorporating relevant keywords into your resume.

Pro Tip: Always proofread your resume before sending it to avoid spelling errors and grammatical mistakes.

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