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6 Methods to Improve Client Relationships in Beauty Industry

Beauty Industry: A beauty business is unlikely to succeed if it fails to maintain strong relationships with customers. Fierce competition in the industry means potentially losing clients to other beauty salons. In some instances, even your most loyal customers could go elsewhere if they no longer feel welcome.

The question is, what causes such a mindset, and how can beauticians rectify the problem and make the customers happy. Let’s take a look.

Work on Communication Skills

First and foremost, you want to make sure that your communication skills are up to par. For a beauty professional with years of experience, it should not be a problem. However, if someone new joins the salon, they might be lacking certain interpersonal traits.

If so, it is important to provide the necessary training, so that less experienced employees know how to interact with different customers. For example, some clients might be introverted, and missing the cue while forcing a conversation would make such a customer uncomfortable.

Simplify Things for Your Clients

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Making things easier for your clients is an effective way to improve the relationship. A beauty salon could automate appointment booking so that customers do not have to visit a salon in person or make multiple phone calls before someone picks up. offers such a service with its app for independent beauty professionals. Thanks to the smart calendar feature, clients can book an appointment directly on a beautician’s website after they receive a link to a beautician’s smart calendar.

The service also provides portfolio, reviews, available services, and prices on a beautician’s page. Customers can check the information and find it without talking to a beautician in person or on the phone.

There is also a text reminder system implementation to inform clients about upcoming appointments, which is quite convenient.

Strengthen Relationships by Asking for Feedback

Direct customer feedback could also work as a way to build stronger relationships. A happy customer might just leave the establishment after saying their thanks because they have no input. However, it is still worth your while to ask them for some feedback directly.

By asking a question, you show that you care and value their opinion, and it will not go unnoticed by someone who appreciates being recognized.

If some of the customers have an interest in the beauty industry, they might offer their insights without encouragement. Take this as a good sign and pay attention. Even if they are telling you something you already know, it is still a great opportunity to show extra attention to the client and make them happier.

Go the Extra Mile

Exceeding customer expectations is a sure way to establish a great reputation and develop stronger relationships with clients. As for how you can take the extra mile and accomplish that depends on your willingness.

First of all, you should not promise and fail to deliver because it will have too many negative consequences. For instance, you might promise a client to squeeze them in between others in an already tight schedule. But what if something unforeseen happens and they come for an appointment only to find out that they actually cannot get their nails or hair done?

On the other hand, if a client gets in touch with a beautician and asks if there is room left for today, working overtime to accommodate them would show that a beautician is willing to take the extra mile for a customer.

Perhaps a customer is looking to get a beauty product that they saw in your salon, but they cannot find it anywhere? Ordering an extra package for them or sharing the supplier contacts can also be considered an example of exceeding customer expectations.

For some, these things might not seem like a big deal, but they play a prominent part in strengthening relationships with customers, which, in turn, increases retention and loyalty.

Stay Positive

stay positive

A positive attitude is not always easy to carry out because of personal problems and other factors. However, it is still necessary to show a positive face to your clients while working in a beauty salon.

A sour-looking beautician is not someone who can really inspire or attract customers, whereas enthusiasm and zeal are considered attractive personality traits and clients love to be around beauticians with such personalities.

Share Knowledge With Them

A client who lacks knowledge might feel a bit ignorant. Not all beauty salon visitors are well-versed in how different beauty products can help them. Or, a client might not know what they can do to their hair to actually make themselves look better.

This is where a professional beautician should come in and share their expertise. Sharing knowledge and helping clients understand builds their trust in you. The more details you provide, the easier the client will feel working with you because they will realize that they can trust this professional.

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