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CBD Serving Size: How Much CBD Should I Take?

Figuring out the correct CBD oil dosage to add to your CBD edibles can be a

daunting task! Quite often, you’re told to start with small CBD doses and gradually work your way up. But it can be frustrating when you don’t notice the desired effects.

As such, some users may decide to consume twice or even thrice the first amount per day. However, please note that although CBD oil may not harm you, taking too much of it may result in unwanted side effects.

This comprehensive guide will help you determine how much CBD you should take and establish an effective CBD dosage plan.

Determining the Correct CBD Dosage for Your Needs

CBD does not affect every user the same way. Some studies have shown that CBD may provide completely different effects on different users. In addition, while you may require only one or two drops of CBD oil for effective results, someone else may need to consume more to experience the same effects. Why so?

We all have unique physiological factors, including age, sex, body weight, and metabolism. These factors and the CBD consumption method used directly account for the different effects experienced and the onset of effects. 

Generally, users with a very high body mass need to consume a little more CBD than those with a lower body mass for effective results. Men and younger people may also need to consume a higher dosage than their counterparts to experience the same effects.

Your genetics also play a significant role in the effects of CBD and the amount of time they’ll take to kick in. For instance, CBD effects on users with an increased anandamide level may be very minimal. That’s because anandamide, a compound that naturally occurs in our bodies, tends to interact with the same endocannabinoid receptors that CBD does. Hence, a very minimal interaction of CBD with the receptors provides less effective results.

Another major factor to consider when determining your correct CBD dosage is the product you’re consuming. Note that eating a CBD edible may not provide you the same intense and almost instant effects as taking sublingual CBD oil (putting drops of CBD oil under your tongue).

Finally, you must also consider the CBD concentration in your infused products. It’s a no-brainer that high-quality and highly concentrated CBD products are more potent and more effective than poor-quality products with less CBD.

Additionally, full-spectrum CBD products contain other essential compounds of the hemp plant and the aromatic terpenes and will provide you with more potent effects than CBD isolates would.

Calculating the Correct CBD Dosage For Your Needs

Most edibles companies indicate the amount of CBD in their product labeling. For instance, CBD gummies dosage formulated in each gummy is often clearly stated on the packaging. Some CBD capsules also indicate how much CBD is in each capsule.

However, some companies may not indicate how much CBD oil dosage or CBD tincture dosage is contained per serving. Usually, they will tell the total amount of CBD contained in the entire bottle. Unfortunately, this means that you need to do some calculations to know the correct amount to take. 

A whole bottle may contain 30ml of CBD oil/tincture, and each CBD oil drop is about 0.05ml. So if you do a simple calculation, you’ll find about 600 CBD oil drops in the bottle.

Depending on the total amount of CBD concentration indicated on that 30ml bottle, you can easily calculate how much CBD is contained in each drop. For instance, if the whole bottle has 3,000mg of CBD, you’ll find that each drop is concentrated with 5mg of CBD.

Now it’ll be easy for you to know how many CBD oil drops to take to provide you with the appropriate CBD oil dosage.

Key Take Away

Putting all the above variables into consideration, the best thing to do is to consult your doctor to recommend the best CBD dosage for sleep or any other benefits that you’re looking for. However, non-medical users should start with minimal doses, say 20-40mg per day and gradually work their way up until they experience the effects needed.

You may consider increasing your first amount by 5mg per week. For example, if you started with 30mg of CBD oil but don’t experience the desired effects, you can increase that amount to 35mg the following week and note the correct dosage for your needs.

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