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Broken Zippers are No Longer a Problem

Zippers or flies are considered as one of the most convenient inventions ever made during the last century. The design of zippers may look simple that other people just take them for granted. Though, there is no way that you can deny all the exciting benefits that such a basic item can bring to your garments, bags like Prada Bags, or fabrics.

A zipper could do a long list of things depending on the specific intended design. This can join two sides, increase or decrease the size of the opening of a garment, detach or attach the sides of the garment or it can also be used as a form of decorative accent.

Due to its many functions and uses, there are people who cannot help but feel frustrated and stressed whenever there is a problem with their zipper. What should you do when your zipper starts acting up just when you are busy? Broken zippers are no longer a problem as there are now several creative ways you can do to wiggle out of these zipper issues.

Zipper Not Closing? Here’s What to Do

Was there ever a time when the teeth of your zipper refuse to close just when you are already late for a necessary appointment? This problem is not only annoying as it can also take up most of your time. You can do it if you ever find yourself in this sticky situation to check if there is any garment piece stuck in your zipper. If you ever see one, untangle that garment little by little from the teeth then try to close the zipper again.

You might also want to check the zipper’s teeth’ position and see if there are damaged or crooked teeth. If you find some, you can use a pair of pliers to move them to the right places. There are times when the problem may also be found on the slider of the zipper. After some time, the slider can deteriorate, and soon enough, it won’t be able to cinch the teeth together. For this, you can use the pair of pliers for adjusting the slider and bringing it back to its original condition and position.

Dealing with a Stuck Zipper?

Another common problem with zippers is when they get stuck. When this happens, you can rub a graphite pencil on the zipper teeth. If the problem is more serious, you might want to try applying some lubricant on the teeth. This additional lubrication can help solve the mess so you can pull down the teeth.

These are only two of the most common problems you will encounter when using zippers. Zippers might have very basic designs yet these highly functional and useful items could be the cause of frustrations and annoyance once they are broken or damaged. This is why it is best that you learn how to solve basic problems with zippers and know the right time to replace damaged and old zippers as needed.

When you need help with your broken zippers, worry no more as there are now lots of zippers on sale for tailors and hobbyists!

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