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3 Benefits of Adding Niacinamide to Your Skincare Routine

Benefits of Adding Niacinamide to Your Skincare Routine: There’s something that most Americans notice about our presidents.

No matter how you feel about the Commander-in-Chief, everyone agrees on one thing. At the end of their term, especially if they hold office for eight years, they look older when they leave.

Not just a little older.  They look ten or even twenty years older when they leave office than when they took it. Of course, it doesn’t happen to every president, but it does to most.

Why is that? Have they stepped into some kind of time machine or something?

Of course not! They cannot reveal that they are under stress by going on TV to tell us about it. Instead, they maintain professionalism. But the stress doesn’t go away just because they aren’t talking about it.

Instead, it starts to take its toll on their bodies. One of the most obvious sign is the skin on their faces. It starts to sag and wrinkle. Sometimes we even see discoloration of the skin. Then their hair starts to go gray.

When they finally hand the office off to the next president, they’re probably relieved to be done.

Although many of us will not be unlucky enough to age so much in such a short time, it’s a great demonstration of the undeniable effects that aging can take on our bodies.

Of course, there is a lot you can do in order to maintain the health, wellness, and structural integrity of your skin.  First, don’t be elected president.

I mean, if you really want to and you think you could do a good job, well then, by all means, go ahead.

But if you prioritize your skin’s health, you’ll at least think twice.

Another thing you can do for your skin is to add niacinamide to your skincare routine.

Never heard of it? Never fear. In this article, we’re going to give you a list of the benefits of niacinamide for skin and let you make up your mind for yourself.

Let’s take a look!

If You Could Turn Back Time

Niacinamide is the miracle compound Cher may have been wishing for when she sang her classic 1980’s hit song.

That’s because it’s a naturally occurring chemical and has many benefits for the skin.

Niacinamide is another name for vitamin B3. Our body can absorb this vitamin in two ways. The first is through dietary sources, like bananas, avocados, liver, and enriched grains.  Click here for more information about this vitamin.

We can also absorb it topically. That means that it can be applied directly to our skin. Both methods can improve the health and quality of our largest organ.

One thing that it does is reduce the signs of aging. It does this by helping to trigger the production of the chemicals that help renew our skin. It is able to promote collagen and elastin growth. Collagen is the chemical that helps to make your skin look dewy and fresh. Elastin contributes to the pliability of the skin, or, in other words, its elasticity.

As we get older, our skin slows the production of these chemicals. This leads to skin that appears to be aged. By ramping production back up, we can help slow or reverse some of the signs of aging.


Acne is nature’s cruel joke on people in their thirties. Why on earth should we have to deal with crow’s feet and acne at the same time? Can’t our skin just pick a lane and stay in it?

Luckily, if this sounds like you, then niacinamide has still got your back.

Part of what causes acne is the overproduction of sebum in our skin cells. Sebum is an oily substance that helps protect us from the elements. Too much of it, though, and our pores get blocked. Block them up tight enough and you’ll start to see redness and inflammation – in other words, a zit.

Niacinamide helps to regulate the production of sebum. That means if you’re producing too much, niacinamide can help your skin cells create less of this oil. In turn, this makes you less prone to pimples.

skincare routine - Acne

Built to Last

The last benefit we’re going to discuss today is increased immunity.

By applying niacinamide topically to your skin, you’re giving it a sort of level-up. That’s because it can help create a protective barrier against UV, or ultraviolet, rays which can be damaging when exposed in too-high doses.

What’s too high a dose? Click the link:,sun’s%20rays%20are%20the%20strongest for more information about the dangers of sun exposure.

Niacinamide also helps to create a barrier to help reduce water loss from your skin. This contributes to its youthful appearance.

We all want to look our best. By adding niacinamide to your daily skin care routine, you can years of health and wellness in the life of your skin.

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