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10 Signs You Have A Hair Product Addiction

We have heard about cocaine, heroin, and even nicotine! However, have you ever heard of something called hair product addiction?

This is an odd addiction that we don’t often hear. Nevertheless, it is quite the serious one. This is one of the reasons why we need to have more awareness about it in our environment.

With the growth of fast fashion and such a plethora of products being available to the lot, it is very difficult not to experiment with them.

However, there is a huge difference between experimenting and getting addicted to the point of no return. Yes, beauty addiction is real, and it is not something to joke about or humor.

Beauty addiction is not when you are worried about your skin flaking or aging, and you just have a religious beauty routine.

It is when you start applying all kinds of products to your skin or hair without the thought of it being extremely harmful. It is about spending thousands of dollars on products you never even needed in the first place.

It is being obsessed with a certain unattainable look and suffering from severe mental issues like depression when not being able to achieve it. Get help and go to Pinnacle Recovery.

What Is Hair Addiction?

Hair addiction is a form of beauty addiction where the person suffering from this addiction cannot get enough hair products.

It is caused by constant exposure to unattainable beauty standards through magazines or other social media applications.

These lead to unrealistic expectations, and individuals start feeding upon the commercialization of hair products blindly. This is one of the reasons why we must always incorporate positive body images from a very young age.

Celebrities with lustrous hairs in movies or even reality shows are achieving such a standard only with the help of extremely expensive luxury products and an entire team of hairstylists who know how to use them.

This is why you should never compare yourself with them. Now, everything can be edited and presented in a manner that looks flawless.

No human being is flawless, and if someone claims to make your hair one, they are clearly lying.

Having a clear set of mind and good headspace is very important to combat these addictions.

Signs Someone Has Hair Addiction?

Here are some of the common signs which can tell whether you just want your hair to look good or you have an addiction to these products.

1. You Stopped Budgeting Long Back

There was a time when you used to budget your hair products based on your salary.

Are those days long gone? Do you not care about how much you are spending any more? Then you surely have a problem. This is your chance to check how much you spent last month on just hair products.

2. You Always Want New Products

No matter how many products you currently own, you are always in need of a new product. This is one of the crucial signs of addiction. The feeling of never being satisfied with what you have at the moment.

This is one of the reasons why we need to budget and execute our salary in a much more efficient way. Prioritizing always helps us to get rid of addiction.

3. Your Bathroom Looks Like A Saloon

Does your bathroom look like a beauty salon with products on every shelf and corner?

What are you even using half of these beauty products for?

Are you giving the entire town makeovers, along with yourself?

4. You Do Not Even Use Half The Products

This brings us to the next wonderment!

Let’s say you have tons of products. However, can you vouch that you are using all of these products?

If not, then you are just hoarding for no purpose.

Hair extensions have become your new obsessions!

Not only are they very expensive, if you get the really good kind. They can also be a bit too much when done in excessive amounts.

6. You Don’t Do Proper Research

You are seeing a product that is appealing and making you a thousand promises; you do not even think twice before investing in it.

There is not much research which is going into you buying these products, and hence you are not using them that often. After a while, you just realize they do not work for your hair.

7. Your Majority Expenditure Is Hair

Have you ever maxed out on your credit card? Or, check your bill?

Just sit and count the amount you are literally wasting on something like an expensive shampoo, just because it promised you to eradicate your hair fall.

8. You Are Compromising Your Necessities

You have started to compromise on important necessities like food.

You would rather skip a meal to save money for your credit card bill, but you wouldn’t skip out on that hair extension just because you cannot miss out on the volume.

9. You Cannot Miss Out On Sales

Missing out on sales is like a nightmare for you because you are getting all your important hair products at half price.

No, it is not helping you save money if you have to spend on every sale that comes your way.

10. You Are Dependant On This Products For Happiness

Do you find yourself pampering your hair every time you are depressed or any other mental health?

Although it is not wrong, it is not something for which you need to buy new products every week.

It is the lack of results that is causing the feeling of dismay, and using products mindlessly wouldn’t be of great help.

Do Not Give In To The Products!

These commercial products are meant for you to get attracted to them, and although it is not that they won’t be yielding any products.

Your hair wouldn’t look like the toned and edited lustrous hair of the celebrity endorser. This is okay!

You also need to keep your hair and skin healthy from the inside, and stressing about it too much won’t let you achieve it.

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