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7 Things NOT to do Right After a Car Accident

At the time of the accident, you will be a bit nervous or panicked about what may happen next. You might be wondering: Will this damage get covered by the insurance? Is anybody injured? Was that my fault? But, there is nothing to worry, when you have a professional New York accident lawyer with you.

You must stay level-headed at such a difficult time. Although it is not simple to stay calm in a wake of the accident —particularly if you and your loved one have suffered the injury —actions you take can have far-reaching implications.

Leave Scene of An Accident

Suppose you are in a single- and multi-car accident, the first thing you can do is staying at a scene of an accident can. The drivers who leave that accident scene, irrespective of fault, will be labeled as “hit-n-run drivers.” The hit-and-run will be considered a felony & penalties are quite severe.

Losing your cool

The car accident will be an upsetting experience. After the car accident, your feelings are running very high. Don’t lose your cool & get angry and upset with other parties that are involved, even though the accident was because of their fault. Try and stay calm or see that everybody who got involved in a car accident gets the help that they want.

Not Calling Police

Doesn’t matter how an accident unfolds, it is very important that you immediately call the police & file the report. Suppose no police officer comes to document an accident, proof it happened & details of an incident can be sparse and leaving room for the disputes & shifting stories later on. Having the report on file can speed up your claims process as well as create important documentation in case of long-term injury and car troubles.

Refuse Getting Medical Care 

The car accident is very jarring & victims may have to resume normal lives at the earliest. But, your claim for the compensation can get affected in case there are not any kind of medical records stating about your injuries. Visit the doctor and health care professional even though you feel good, hate hospitals, and want to just forget about that accident.

Forget Exchanging the Information

After the accident, it is very common to feel a bit disoriented or forget what you need to do. if you have a Comprehensive car insurance policy you should remember to exchange the insurance details, including the name of an insurance company & policy numbers. The accidents will be handled through the insurance companies. Most of the people don’t have money to compensate for damage that was done in the accident. But, if you’re ever in an accident with somebody who obeys the law, they may have the insurance.

Insurance detail is important information that you need to exchange, however you have to exchange the name, address & registration number for the vehicle under law. When requested, you should show the driver’s license.

Admit fault

You must never admit your fault at the scene of the car accident or get in conversation with the insurance provider. Stay honest about what happened, and avoid saying things such as, “It was my fault.” Such kinds of statements will get used against you by the insurance companies that can try and avoid paying for the damage that is caused in an accident, or other parties that are involved in an accident, who will file the lawsuit against you. So it’s better to have your own lawyer to consult things before you make any statements in court.

Fail Gathering the Evidence

Gather plenty of information possible about how an accident happened. Suppose you have the phone or camera, take photos of your car or another vehicle that is involved in a crash.