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What your Nails can say about your Personality?


Our smallest personal habits say a lot about us! The way we dress, what colors we like to use, our food preferences, etc. can reveal certain personality traits of us. Similarly  Nails can say about your Personality.

In Asian countries like Japan, there is an ongoing trend towards personality diagnosis, suggesting that the shape of our nails can reveal a lot about us.

Even Indian and Chinese palmists think that our nails are a reflection of our personality. And since our nails are one of the first things people notice about us, we need to make sure they match our personality traits.

So do you want to confirm whether the shape of your nails matches one of your personality traits? Then check out this post below!

1. Rounded Nails can Say About Your Personality

You are an optimistic, carefree, and calm person with an open-minded character who also has a brilliant nature that amazes everyone around yourself. You always put others’ needs above yours, and that helps you get along with others.

2. Square Nails  can Say About Your Nature

You are a quiet and reserved guy. People admire you for your hardworking way and your sincerity. Your stubbornness could be like a mistake in a diamond. So try to be more comfortable, open and assertive.

3. Sculptured Nails  Says About Your Personality

Squoval: a mixture of two shapes, square and oval. They prefer to look at people from a distance instead of interacting with them. You are overwhelmed by your insecurity most of the time. You always concern about what others think of you.

4. Almond Nails can Say About Your Character

Sensitive or Delicate on the outside, burning on the inside. You are a loyal, kind, and honest person, but with a mild temperament! His colleagues enjoy his company because of his kindness.

5. Stiletto/Coffin Nails can Say About Your Behaviour

You have a strong personality, so you are never afraid to say what you think! You love living your life the way you want it, and you are always happy with the choices you make for yourself.

6. Long Nails can Say About Your Personality

You are an imaginative and creative person. He usually gets angry when things don’t work out. Whenever you feel as you are missing your cool, step aside to calm down and then get back on track!

7. Wide Nails can Say About Your Temperament

You are a dangerous person and like to think before you speak also  don’t get along with people who are emotional or listen to their hearts rather than their brains.

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