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How to choose perfume based on your personality?

Choose Perfume: One of the undeniable senses in human beings, the olfactory nerve plays a significant role in describing your personality. What do we usually notice while meeting someone? Their looks, how they dress up, walk, or talk? It’s not a very common thing to notice how they smell. But once it hits your olfactory, there’s no going back from the impression again.

There was research done on this at New York Rockefeller University. The result showed that 35% of people remember the way you smell, 5% remembered the way you look, 2% remembered the way you talk and 1% remembered touch sensitivity.

It’s not just about leaving an impression. The scent coming from your body can easily portray your behavioural identity to other people’s subconscious. Believe it or not, you can choose perfume for your age, for your profession and for your society as well. But before that, you must know yourself best. Being a perfume lover, i often get asked, “How do I choose a perfume?”. Well, you just have to ask yourself about your priorities. You have to know your favourites and what you appreciate most in life.

Let’s analyze some of the fragrances based on different personalities.

1. All about life

If you are completely in love with your life and you are thankful for what you have, you belong to this category. This type of person enjoys every single day to the fullest. They are outgoing, they love to speak up. They are active in social life. They are consistent members of any community. These engaging people are often seen in crowds and events. Their voices are high and bold. Their favourite colours are bright and neon type. Usually, they dress lighter and more openly. They are high achievers and often lead teams in the workplace.

This category of people loves bold but fresh scents. Notes like Citrus, Marine, Aquatic, Fruits, and natural woods are their first preferences. Being Noticeable is the first priority here.

2. Reserved

There are left-brainer introverted people. They are usually shy but very intelligent. I usually call them “observers of the community”. They are usually very polite and gentle in behaviour. They have strong willpower and are always very motivated to get what they want. They are attractive and holds reserved personality. Reading these people is not a very easy task. Their mind is always active. However, their favourite colours are warm tones and their wardrobe is full of high-collar classic attires. An ideal vacation for them is at the beach in nature’s calmness.

These people often love floral and light fragrances. Soft florals and oriental florals are their favourite go-to perfumes. Along with florals, Aldehydes and powdery aromatic notes are their basic perfume theory.

3. Down to earth

They are the most generous people mentioned in this article. There are people struggling to say ‘no’ in daily life. They are usually the happy faces of society. These people appreciate nature’s beauty. They love greeneries and usually never break down in any certain situation. They love the planet “earth” and are always a fan of woods. They are friendly with anyone they meet. These people prefers earthy tones like brown, green and blue for their attire.

The complementing note for these people is earthy notes like aquatic and marines. These notes are infused with sandalwood or natural resins. Saffron is one of the favourites in their fragrance theory.

4. The Ruler

They are the one of a kind people. The high achievers of the society. Their charisma and magnetic personality drag others towards them. These are the people always ready with a solution in any situation. A very small number of people but very inspirational. They are definitely extroverts but not just any extroverts. They leave a mark on people’s minds. They are usually city dwellers. They possess a deep singular voice. They love being in crowds and they definitely interact with people a lot. They are often called the fire of the groups.

The best notes that suit them are usually tough. The strong citruses, Leather, Ararwood, and Smoke are to die for. Strong fruity perfumes are the regular choice for women perfumes in this group.

As I said before, your smell sensitivity can never be overlooked. It is like a mirror in your aura. The mirror reflects your passion, your personality, your dreams and your potential. That is exactly why you should choose it once you know yourself. I have seen many people wearing fragrances wrong. And trust me or not, it somehow affects people’s points of view. Hope this article serves you well to know how to choose a perfume based on your personality. Now, the last piece of advice is, to be bold only if you are bold. To be soft if your soul is soft. To be fancy once you believe in your dreams. It’s all up to you.

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