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Find your former classmates with these 5 tips

Wouldn’t it be good to meet your classmates, neighbors, coworkers, or friends in a college dorm? It is now simpler than ever, thanks to the online world. You do not have to depend on phone books. Just put the name of the person you want to find on the internet, and it will provide you with all the information about that specific person. There are times when you miss that one special friend you had in high school, or you just want to know how your school buddies have been over the course of time.

Here we discuss some of the top websites for reconnecting with old acquaintances and comrades on the internet. lacks the professional user experience found on some of the other major websites present on our list. However, what it does not show in the presentation, it more than makes up for in sheer quantity.

The site has collected an immense database of users who have joined because it has been up on the server since 1994.

Schools and professional networks are the two different types of networks, with each country worldwide having its own portals and sub-networks. University of Florida, Michigan University, UOC at Berkeley, and NCAT University have some of the biggest networks in the United States of America.

News, events, and gatherings are also available, as well as employment boards and even discounts. Anyone that you want to find is probably present on the website. is the second name on our list if you’re solely looking for old classmates (rather than coworkers or neighbours). The site once supported Canada along with other key foreign destinations, but it is currently only focused on the United States.

One of the best things about the website is that there is no need to create an account to check if individuals you know have one too. Simply choose the state and city in which you graduated, and finally the school from the site to see the users who are connected to it.

You’ll need to go through the registration procedure to contact someone you know and send them a welcome note.


The two platforms we have presented you with thus far both particularize in reconnecting with old pals online. Social media has probably eclipsed them.

Whether you like it or not, Facebook continues to dominate the environment. It also has a near-unrivaled capacity to locate persons with whom you had communication. Although, you may conduct a basic exploration by using the individual’s name. You may uncover clubs and sites associated with your previous school or employment if you delve a bit harder. Facebook also provides some search tips to assist you in locating someone who may not be found using a standard search.

You can send a personal message to someone but will almost certainly need to first add them as a friend. To maximise your chances of being accepted, be sure that you utilise a valid profile photo.


LinkedIn is the finest free tool for discovering old coworkers. It has users from around the world and is approaching one billion subscribers.

Once you have created an account, you visit a company’s profile and look at people who you know and who work there, besides people with whom you do not have a prior relationship.

LinkedIn, like Facebook, provides a group option. Almost every major university and school has an alumni association.

LinkedIn is better for professional awareness other than for planning recreation with old pals since it is a professional platform. That isn’t to say it should not be taken seriously. Your network is one of the most effective tools you have at your disposal in terms of your profession. LinkedIn allows you to use it with people who may have slipped out of your core set of contacts over time.


Google is one of the biggest search engines present on the web. Arguably, you have tried a lot of different platforms to find the people who you were associated with in the past. But if you leave those platforms and just write the name of the person you are looking for or the name of the company or the college that they last attended, Google can find it for you as everyone nowadays has a social and online presence.

Google may also extract results from other social media platforms, such as Twitter, and Instagram, assuming the individual has enabled the specific function.

In case you have an idea of what professional sphere your former classmates decided to take on, look them up on Leadar. You might be able to find which company they work for and what title they have there. On Leadar you’ll also find their contact details so you’ll be able to reach out to them right away.


Nuwber is a people search site that can ease your search and help you find the necessary person in minutes. All you have to do is type their name, address or phone number and start searching. The website will provide you with contact details so that you get in touch with the person you are looking for. It also provides social media links so you can head over there to make sure this is actually the person you were looking for and start the conversation. In case you can’t find that exact person, try looking for acquaintances and see if you can find your desired ones through them.


It is quite atypical in today’s world for a person to have no social presence. Even if the sites that are recommended do not provide answers, there is a good chance you will get a recommendation if you put in the time. Internet is a vast online world and contains information about basically everything and everyone. And if you have someone’s old phone number, you can quickly check if it’s still relevant on PhoneHistory.

Apart from the platforms and services that we have highlighted in this article, there are professional websites that work solely for the reason of finding people who have less or no social and online presence. If you really want to find someone and cannot find them with the tips that we have provided, you can take the help of these searching websites.

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