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Does Viviscal Shampoo Work?

Hair loss can be demoralizing and frustrating for many, especially when you don’t know its cause. While genes play a significant role in hair loss, there could be other underlying factors, such as insufficient nutrition and using the wrong hair products. If you are not looking for surgical ways to regain the hair, you may want to shift your focus to using the right product for your improving your hair condition.

Viviscal shampoo is one such product that has proven its worth as a hair growth shampoo with its growing popularity. It is known to effectively work to improve your hair’s volume, strength, and nutrition while preventing unnecessary loss of hair. But does Viviscal shampoo actually work? Find out the answer to this question and how you can use this useful bit of information to your advantage.

Clinically-Tested Effective Ingredients

Today, all of us are aware of how chemicals in products can negatively affect our bodies, which is why this product is designed to be chemical-free. Moreover, the ingredients used in creating this shampoo for hair growth have all been tested clinically so that you get desired results minus any negative effects. Here’s a look at the ingredients of Viviscal shampoo that have been extracted from natural sources for effective results:

  • Biotin – Biotin or Vitamin B7 has been studied over time and proven to help with the re-growth of hair effectively. This natural product works to strengthen your hair and plays a significant role in improving your hair follicles’ overall health.
  • Pea Sprouts – Sprouts of legumes like peas contain more nutrition than beans, which is why pea sprouts are one of the main ingredients of this product. It works to help nourish your hair to make it healthy and strong. Studies have shown that the extract of pea sprouts assists with shortening the stage’ in the cycle of hair growth, which in turn, accelerates the hair follicles to move into its growing stage.
  • Zinc – This mineral has been found to play a vital role in RNA and DNA production, which crucially help with creating healthier hair. A deficiency in zinc in your body can cause the protein structure of the hair follicles to be weak, which can lead to hair shedding and loss. Again, the presence of a good amount of zinc can help balance your hormones, which can prevent the loss of hair.
  • Keratin – This natural protein is available in the strands of your hair, providing structure to your hair. Keratin provides your hair with a shiny, smooth, and thick appearance. Again, it prevents the chances of hair breakage by bonding with the strands’ rough ends, covering the cuticles, and straightening your hair.

With the presence of these powerful ingredients and the absence of harmful chemicals in the Viviscal shampoo, not only does this product become safe to use, but it also becomes an effective hair growth shampoo.

Viviscal Shampoo – Pros and Cons List

To find out a product’s true worth, it is necessary to list its positive and negative points:


  • This shampoo works to cleanse your scalp and hair by effectively eliminating all skin cells that are dead. These dead cells on your scalp can prevent healthy hair growth, which the shampoo removes to help your hair grow in a strong and healthy way.
  • It provides nourishment to your hair with keratin, biotin, and zinc. All these natural ingredients are effective in promoting hair growth in a healthy manner.
  • It is a 100 percent natural shampoo that comes without any chemicals, so your scalp and hair remain free from harsh chemicals.
  • This shampoo can be used on a regular basis on all types of hair, including colour-treated, damaged, thin, fine, and over-styled.


  • If you don’t apply the conditioner after shampooing, you may end up with dry hair.
  • If you have susceptible skin, the shampoo may cause irritation and rashes. Checking the ingredients is crucial before using any other product.

Does Viviscal Shampoo Work?

So, does this hair growth shampoo actually work to promote healthy and shiny hair? The answer is evident through the honest reviews of users, and most of them are in favour of the product’s effectiveness. Almost 70 percent of the users on Amazon have given this product a 5-star rating, which proves how efficient it is. Some of the benefits that this shampoo is known to provide include:

  • Being gentle on the scalp and hair
  • Created using a lightweight formula
  • Makes your hair appear thicker and fuller
  • Gives your hair a shiny appearance
  • Requires replenishing after 30 days of use

While you may not experience all of the above benefits, you will surely see positive and lasting results provided the ingredients suit with your skin.