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Determining the Best Time to Switch Energy Supplier In Australia

What should be the best decision if you’re not getting the expected rewards from your energy supplier? This could particularly be that you’re being served higher bills than normal, which gives you the impression that you’re systematically getting ripped off. Fortunately, Econnex Comparison, one of the available Energy comparison sites, offers some helpful tips that can help you determine the appropriate time you need to switch your energy supplier in Australia.

Factors to Consider to Know the Best Time to Switch Energy Supplier in Australia

Energy comparison sites, such as Econnex Comparison, can help you compare energy prices, rates, and tariffs in five minutes. Learning from them is a great idea. The following are some important factors that can determine the best time to switch energy supplier in Australia:


It’s obviously not a great idea to pay more than you need to. But settling for a cheap plan does not mean you will have the best service. The difference between the most expensive and cheapest electricity plans can be hundreds of dollars annually, depending on your typical energy usage and where you live.

Therefore going for the cheapest deal may be tempting. However, you may need to consider other factors. It may be the best time to switch your energy supplier if you see that paying more is worth it since you will be getting amazing customer service in exchange for the extra cost.

Customer service

The importance of customer service should never be underestimated. As explained in the first point, the customer service you get can make paying more with another energy supplier worthwhile. For instance, as you won’t be expecting amazing service in a cheap department store when you go for some cut-price clothes, so it is for energy as well.

Parts of the services your energy supplier should provide include a social media page for easy reach, good response to emails, or multiple ways you can contact them. If your present supplier is not providing these well, it may be the right time to switch providers.

Renewable energy

One of the targets Australia is trying to meet is renewable energy. While some suppliers invest heavily in renewable energy assets, others couldn’t give a hoot. Considering how important green energy is, you may want to make a switch to highly-rated renewable energy companies. Besides, going for green energy is a great way to save the planet.


Without Energy comparison sites, It may be hugely challenging to work out the exact energy supplier that provides competitive prices and one which is trying to rip you off. This may be because of the conditional discounts that the suppliers offer. But you need to understand that the biggest discounts do not often mean the biggest savings.

More so, some energy companies that offer huge discounts do have high supply and/or usage rates, meaning that you will only get a big discount off your big bill.

Some companies may provide a simpler approach by not offering discounts but focusing on transparent and competitive prices that you can easily compare and understand.  Going into this may not be wise sometimes because missing out on a discount can lead to much higher costs.

Therefore, you should ensure that you ask about the kind of approach your energy supplier adopts. If it’s not favourable, it may be advisable to switch energy providers.

Helpful tools

Technological advancement has made the energy industry more innovative.  Some suppliers include helpful tools in their plans for customers to assist them in making better decisions about the way they use energy and help them save money. Common tools include platforms where customers can compare prices, apps reporting energy usage, and guides on appliance running costs. If you want this, but your supplier is without, you may switch to another energy supplier with better innovation.

Final Remark

Using the factors explicitly explained in the body of the article, you can easily know the best time to switch energy suppliers in Australia.  Besides, Econnex has the right comparison tool to help you compare excellently different suppliers to know the suitable one for you.