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The 5 Very Simple Hairstyles for a Bad Hair Day

Cool Hairstyles for Lazybones – Elaborate hairstyles? Overrated. In order to wear the hair differently from time to time, it doesn’t take a lot of patience or effort.

Stylish updos are not worth their time. Period – now it’s out. In addition to the fact that they drive us crazy early in the morning with the sensitivity they need, they are also no longer up to date. What (in our favor) has been the new shit for some time now is “undone hair” – messy hair, which is a hairstyle that is not.

But no matter how perfect the imperfect mane is, there comes the point at which it begins to annoy us. The quickest and easiest way to get our hair out of our face?

5 Cool Hairstyles for Lazybones

The 90’s Updo

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Do you remember the Spice Girls? Well. Because when it comes to hairstyling, almost 25 years after it was founded, it is THE source of inspiration. Make yourself a high bun and pull out two fine strands in front. Yes, and that’s it – easy.

The Cloth

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Similar to a hairband, the silk scarf conjures up the mane from our face in an instant – only cooler. Especially when it comes to summer: the rolled or folded triangle becomes a crucial game-changer. Greasy Approach? No problem.

The Banana

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Also practical for the summer months: the loose banana. If the hair under the scarf is itchy, the big barrettes (or two small ones) can help to stick our lengths up messy.

The Half Ponytail

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For those who don’t like to have their hair out of the neck, a flat half bun is a good option. Do you want to make the whole thing a little more exciting? Then exchange your hair tie for a colorful clip – just like Blanca Miró.

The Deep Horsetail with Extra

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It is the same with the ponytail. If we just tie it together with rubber, it quickly gets boring. If we take a stick clip instead, the hairstyle classic is fashionably polished up in no time.

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