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Make a basic outfit more interesting

The trend toward minimalism and pod wardrobes has many of us feeling rather “blah” about our wardrobe options. However, with the right pod wardrobe, you can add a lot of variety with just a few accessories.

From scarves to hats to purses to jewellery, you can turn an ordinary outfit into something that suits your mood for the day.


If you carry a basic bag for work, errands, and family outings, treat yourself to something smaller for personal outings. A patterned clutch that includes the colours of your shirt jacket, your maxi dress, or your leggings can turn a basic outfit into a colour-coordinated outfit with some pizzazz.


Many of us find that a particular bright tone can really boost the glow of our skin or the brightness of our eyes. If you’re trying to simplify your wardrobe but really want something stunning near your face, a simple long silky scarf can be

  • pinned and looped as an infinity scarf
  • draped against your neck to add a bit of warmth
  • looped around the brim of a hat

Each of these choices will bring a special color close to your face. If you love to wear graphic t-shirts, pair it with a plain scarf so you won’t overdo it. Add a bit of bright lip color or some sparkly eyeshadow to increase the visibility even more.


If you love the simple look, consider taking your outfit off-balance with something really eye-catching. A bold, chunky bracelet could be just the thing to make black leggings and an oversized shirt look a bit dressier. Skip the necklace and add bright, sparkly earrings.

Of course, if you love to stack your jewelry choices, you can build a fun and interesting layer with the right pieces. Pair multiple sterling silver necklaces from reputable places like Silpada to create a full frame around your face. Loop a long necklace into a choker or make it into even smaller loops and build an eye-catching bracelet to balance an acrylic bangle.

Treat Yourself to Texture

We all need a bit of warmth early in the day. Treat yourself to a fluffy wrap instead of a jacket. When you need a winter coat, consider checking out the new faux fur products. Paired with a basic black tee and skinny jeans, one fur winter coat can draw every eye. Even better, you can enjoy cruelty-free comfort and warmth.

Focus on Your Feet

Shoes give you the chance to take a basic dress from elegant to whimsical. If you’ve got a long black maxi, pair it with a floral shawl and heels for a night out. Need something fun for lunch with your children? Add a pair of canvas high tops and a hat or shirt that offers the same color. A basic outfit paired with eye-catching shoes can turn your simple day of ordinary activities into a fun and creative adventure.

A good basic wardrobe can be easy to brighten and dress up or down. Invest in jewelry that you can customize. Be ready to check out vintage stores, estate sales, and thrift shops to look for unique pieces you can incorporate.

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