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SAR to INR Converter – Saudi Arabia Riyal to Indian Rupee Exchange Rate

What is SAR?

The (SAR) Saudi Arabian Riyal is the currency of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. Besides, it has been the currency of Saudi Arabia since its inception and was the currency of Hejaz before Saudi Arabia came into being. In June 1986, the riyal was officially at a fixed exchange rate of US $ 1 = 3.75 riyal. A Saudi Riyal (SR) is made up of 100 halalas. In addition, the Saudi Arabia Riyal has been the official currency since its unification in 1932 and was recognized as the official currency years before.

It is divided into 100 halalas, coins with face values ​​5, 10, 25, 50, and 100 halalas are in circulation. Moreover, in 1925, `Abd al-`Aziz Al Sa`ud minted transitional copper coins for Œ and œ Ghirsh in Mecca followed by Œ, œ and 1 Ghirsh cupronickel coins marked King of Hejaz.

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Currency ratings show that the most popular Saudi Riyal exchange rate is the SAR to INR rate. The currency code for Riyal is SAR, and the currency symbol is ﷼.

The riyal is largely pegged to the Dollar. And also, considerations currently exist in the Kingdom to abandon the riyal in favor of the Gulf States (GCC). The most popular exchange rate conversion pairs. Saudi riyals (SAR) to US dollars.

What is INR?

The Indian rupees (INR) are the official currency of India. The currency code of the rupee is INR and the symbol is ₹. Moreover, this symbol has its origin in the Indian flag and includes its horizontal stripes. In addition, the division is in 100 Paise and, the international abbreviation for the ISO 4217 code is INR. In the Hindi language, the rupee is represented as follows: रुपया and in Sanskrit: rupayā. Furthermore, national abbreviations are as follows: ₹. iR. Re (singular). Rs (plural).

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The Indian currency consists of coins of 1, 2, 5, and 10 rupees and banknotes of 10, 20, 50, 100, 200, 500, and 2,000 rupees face value. Paises (100 paises = 1 rupee) are no longer in circulation. Moreover, there are various issues of banknotes in circulation. One should not accept 1,000 rupees banknotes because they have been removed from circulation.

SAR to INR Converter

Here is a list of few currency converters to convert SAR to INR

What is a Conversion Rate?

A conversion rate or exchange rate says how much a currency is measured in another currency. This price is formed through currency trading on the global currency market. Furthermore, conversion rates are very important from an economic point of view. Especially international companies are very dependent on these conversion rates.

Conversion of SAR to INR

Conversion of Saudi Arabian Riyal (SAR) to Indian Rupee (INR), i.e., SAR to INR, 1 Saudi Arabian Riyal = 19.98 Indian Rupee on Thursday, August 6, 2020, at 18:30 New Delhi time. The SAR to INR rate has fluctuated on an average of 19 to 20 Indian rupees from the past few months.

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