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Putlocker Alternatives, Sites Like Primewire, Proxy, and Mirror Sites – Is it Safe?

Putlocker Review – 2020

Putlocker is a website that contains an online index of hosted media files, including TV shows, movies, and music. The Putlocker itself does not host any content that users can stream but instead allows users to find and access files that hosted elsewhere.

Putlocker started in the UK as, and Putlocker popularity has multiplied. In early 2012, it received an average of 800,000 visitors a day, but that figure doubled after the closure of Megaupload, a similar site.

And this was due to alleged copyright infringement, although the closing was entirely voluntary.

However, the growth in the number of users, which peaked in 2016, putting putlocker among the 250 most visited sites on the Internet and the 150 most visited websites in the United States, also made putlocker receive the same unwanted attention.

Various attempts have made to get the putlocker closed or blocked over the years, which has resulted in several changes to the site URL.

They first moved to, but the British Police seized this site, the Intellectual Property Crime Unit, in June 2014. The site then transferred to an Icelandic domain under the name of

However, since October 2016, this URL has been displaying an error message. It happened around the same time as the Motion Picture Association of America (MPAA), a trade organization representing major Hollywood studios, reported the site to the Office of the United States Trade Representative. then went back to work by redirecting users to Still, this site was also quickly seized following a decision of the Luxembourg District Court in a case brought before the Belgian Association entertainment.

It caused to work again, but it then started to transfer users to a scam site. The most recent URLs reported to work at the time of writing are, which located in Serbia, and, and also found in Iceland.

6 Best Putlocker Alternatives to Watch Free Online Movies and Tv shows | 2020

If you watch movies online, you should be aware of Putlocker (it was, the increasingly popular movie streaming website. However, due to many reasons, some countries have blocked Putlocker.

And, if you are in such a situation, don’t be mad. You can use these sites like putlocker and watch your favorite movies without any restrictions.

When it comes to Putlocker’s concept of alternative, there are some essential aspects to consider. As of today, there are many Putlocker mirrors that you can use.

These mirrors come as replica sites from the authentic Putlocker streaming site.

These websites have very similar names to the original version. All of those replication websites come with pretty similar features at a glance.

In fact, many of those websites may offer what a genuine Putlocker website presents.

However, the truth is, no one knows that Putlocker operates those replication websites. Therefore, we hardly trust the reliability of those mirrors.

Some of the popular website replication products give users a not-so-pleasant experience.

Some of those copies collect your personal information, and some may also contain malware. Therefore, you should be very watchful when using a Putlocker alternative to watch movies.

As we know, many countries have banned Putlocker. The main reason for the putlocker getting ban is because of its advertised links to copyrighted material.

However, Putlocker does not transmit copyrighted content as a policy. Although Putlocker is not the only platform offering such a service, it is trendy for several reasons.

6 Best Putlocker Alternatives | Sites like Putlocker | 2020

We all know how valuable a platform like Putlocker is to a movie enthusiast. On behalf of all movie and Tv series fans around the world, we present 06 alternatives to Putlocker.

If your country has banned Putlocker or if you have other problems using it, you can consider these alternatives. You can review this list carefully, determine its characteristics, and select the best Putlocker choice.

1) Popcorn time

image result for Popcorn time - Putlocker

As you already know, Putlocker seemed to work according to the concept of file sharing. However, Popcorn Time quickly describes its purpose.

He says it allows you to watch torrent movies instantly and use popcorn time with Chromecast. They also claim that Popcorn Time won’t be closing anytime soon, so you can enjoy it for an extended period.

2) Solar Movie

Image result for Solar Movie - Putlocker

Solar Movie is another powerful putlocker alternative or a site like putlocker application that should include in this category due to obvious reasons.

Solarmovie is a web-based platform that comes with a faster, cleaner, and more suitable user interface.

Although it is not the most basic interface, the comfort it offers is quite admirable. Simply put, watching movies using a Solar Movie is quite a convenient task.

Solar Movie functionality is very fluid. You can stream movies faster and more seamlessly.

To use this, you must highlight a title. Then you will see a pop-up appear. All you have to do is select the “View” option.

A new screen will appear, and the title will be there. If you have a good internet connection, you can easily watch movies.

3) FMovies

image result for FMovies - Putlocker

FMovies is quite similar to the previous option we have mentioned. The developers have paid a lot of attention to simplify the website interface.

This website is primarily made up of Hollywood movies and mainstream television shows. They have implemented an excellent method for classifying movies.

In addition to that, it also offers a better browsing experience.

Interestingly, though, the streaming part of this interface isn’t quite as impressive as it should be.

As we believe, it can improve a lot. Depending on traffic, servers can run very slowly. In such cases, watching movies can be quite difficult for any user.

To play a movie, just click on the film, and it will start playing. However, after clicking on a movie, you will also see a pop-up ad. Don’t do anything to this pop-up. The content will start playing smoothly.

4) 123Movies

Without a doubt, 123Movies can be ranked as one of the best movie websites you can find.

It is a perfect alternative to Putlocker for several reasons. In addition to movies and television shows, 123Movies is made up of a wide range of cartoons.

Anime and Asian dramas are other top-rated items associated with this website.

123Movies does not host movie content on servers. The materials transmitted through this website are actually from third parties (not affiliated).

In fact, this is somewhat different from all the other platforms we have listed in this article. So it is evident that 123Movies has more legitimacy compared to the alternatives.

If you’re concerned about this, 123Movies is a ‘go-to’ option.

5) Moviewatcher

image result for Moviewatcher

While the Movie running space is known for unrest, with sites successful in and out of presence on a consistent, one website that has stayed quite similar over time remains movie-watcher.

The movie-watcher stayed true to its necessity, provided that a simple, free gateway for viewing all of your newest cinemas.

On movie-watcher,  thumbnails of the Movie are large and comfortable to click. The site classifications are direct and easy to know, besides the media player provides you the film in HD with no other types.

Since the website’s primary focus is on cinemas, the TV sequence section seems like an addition, and compared with the struggle, the platform is a bit missing in that section.

However, when it comes to consistent flicks, and have a vast collection.

At the top of the site, you can find a search feature that works quite well and the category options that let you sort available titles by genre, popularity, and year of production.

6) Rainierland

image result for Rainierland

Yes, one might wonder if Rainierland is the best name for a movie streaming site. But, if you leave only the name factor, the rest is fine with this website. The content on this website is perfectly fine for any movie enthusiast.

Rainierland has a unique and separate section to show trending movies. Those movies are shown on the home page. You can choose a movie from the home page and play it comfortably.

Movies and TV series are also presented with thumbnails. These thumbnails give you a clear idea of the quality of the content you are about to see.

The platform’s general user interface is exceptionally convenient. Menus open reasonably quickly, and the content is classified in a very convenient way.

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Is Putlocker legal?

At first look, this seems to be a simple yes or no question. And if you have read the above, you are likely to guess that the answer is no. But in fact, it is a question that is much more complicated to answer than that.

Many countries, the United States, the United Kingdom, and the EU, and therefore the ISPs of these countries, consider Putlocker as a site that infringes copyright law.

It is not uncommon for ISPs to send copyright infringement notices to users who have watched movies and TV shows on Putlocker. However, I have never heard of any legal action going further.

This is most likely due to the way users view the media on Putlocker. If you’re watching a movie through

Putlocker, you’re streaming content that’s hosted elsewhere rather than downloading material to your device.

And in the sense of the law in the United States, Europe, many other countries, this is a crucial difference.

This clarified by the fact that the US Copyright Office has indicated in its directives that if a reproduction cannot be copied, perceived, or communicated, there has been no violation of the law.

EU laws have a similar definition, although the ongoing cases concerning the Kodi media player and its accessories have caused some trouble in the EU.

But most legal experts say that under the laws in force in the United States and the European Union, the streaming of content cannot cause a violation of the code for the person watching it.

Many courts against on this point that a person downloaded file is one responsible and site for the breach of copyright.

That said, it is essential to exercise caution at this stage. Because streaming content is not as necessary as just viewing it on a website, in some cases, online streaming can make a short-term file on the user’s PC.

Though some courts ruled these temporary files is a copyright violation, but American and European law has not been the subject of an agreement. However, others disagree.

All this means that there is no conclusive answer to this query. Whether Putlocker is lawful or unlawful depends very much on where you are and what you do on the site.

If you are streaming and you can be sure that the files not stored on your device, you are probably not breaking the law. But if you download, upload, or share content from the site, most courts will likely conclude that you are.

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Is Putlocker Safe?

Yet again, this is a question that requires a more thorough answer than just yes or no.

The point of view of people who regularly use Putlocker is affirmative. A feedback site found that 79% of regular users believed the site to be trustworthy, while 73% also thought it to be a secure site for children.

To some, these results may not seem particularly high, but for a website that offers links to such a wide range of content, it’s actually pretty good, and they certainly beat many of their closest competitors.

But that doesn’t mean that users need to rest on their laurels, as sites like Putlocker can sometimes present several security concerns that users should at least be aware of.

Malware: First of all, and perhaps most importantly, it’s mandatory to chat around malware. Putlocker does not host the content that users are viewing and, therefore, cannot be 100% sure of the security of the files watched.

As mentioned above, even if you are just streaming a movie, it may still download temporary files to your device, so it is also possible that malware and other malicious content may also be present and even transmitted.

Users advised to consult the comments on the content of the page and to take all the usual measures to protect themselves against such threats, as we will see in more detail below.

Mirror sites: Since Putlocker has forced to change URLs quite frequently, there are many different addresses that users will find to be Putlocker.

Some of these addresses will be old addresses that no longer work, but others may be fake addresses that were set up by hackers to try to lure Putlocker users and get them to download malware.

Many sites are identical to reality, and some will even broadcast content in the same way, but it is what goes on behind the scenes that are the real threat.

Users should always try to use the latest official Putlocker URL (see above), and if this stops working in the future, do your study wisely before choosing for alternative URL.

Putlocker will move to a different site, but many other fakes may also appear at the same time.

Pop-Ups: A common complaint about Putlocker is the number of pop-up ads the website produces. This is how the operatives of the site make money, but they are annoying at best and dangerous at worst.

There have been previous reports of Putlocker pop-ups leading to questionable sites, adult sites, and sites that are not safe.

The best way to counter this is to have a pop-up blocker enabled as well as the usual security software.

Forced redirect: In addition to pop-ups, there have also been reports of Putlocker links redirecting users to external sites. Again, some of these sites contain inappropriate content or may be harmful to users.

As with pop-ups, regular security software should prevent these sites from opening, but the fact remains that users should be careful.

Unnecessary download: Some users have also reported that Putlocker has either tried to persuade or sometimes even forced users to use their download tool unnecessarily.

As we noted above, downloading any content from Putlocker is not advised as it is quite likely to constitute an illegal act.

But just as importantly, chances are you’ll download more media files than the ones you want to watch.

Usual security software should prevent the downloading and activation of any malicious content, but we advise all Putlocker users to refrain from downloading material from the site.

However, our advice would be that when used with caution, and with the right security software in place, Putlocker can be a great site to use and should be safe.

How to use Putlocker safely? [Latest Information for 2020]

Putlocker, with its many movies and TV shows, may seem like the best. However, some people are worried that it’s really safe because they have lots of dubious pop-up ads and piracy issues.

You don’t want to be legally just watching a movie. I also don’t want to have any strange software installed on my computer that could corrupt files or monitor activity. Fortunately, using a VPN can protect your data.

Why you need a VPN to use Putlocker?

A VPN encrypts all online activity and reroutes it to the VPN server until you reach the site you are trying to access (such as Putlocker).

Doing so hides your IP address, and the website receives your VPN IP address instead. In other words, you can’t connect to online activities such as accessing Putlocker.

If you find that you inadvertently infringed your copyright, you won’t find that you’ve used Putlocker or have streamed any copyrighted material to law enforcement.

Still, not all VPNs are equal. Poor quality slows down the Internet and is not useful if you want to use it for streaming. Therefore, we recommend the following VPNs.

These VPNs have the highest ratings in the market and are very popular. It also protects your privacy and security measures.

It also protects you from hackers and gives you access to geographically restricted content such as Netflix, Hulu, and BBC iPlayer. Learn more about how VPN works and other benefits.

Are there legal issues with Putlocker?

Putlocker’s legitimacy is uncertain because most of the content of this site is copyrighted and posted without permission. And also, many of the links are removed every day due to copyright breach.

However, we cannot find a clear answer to the question of who is responsible for invading copyright.

Putlocker, launched in 2012, has been frequently caught by laws in the United States, Australia, United Kingdom, and elsewhere.

However, like a mole swatter, this website comes back with a different URL and country code.

Copyright laws contrast by country and region, so it is illegitimate to stream on Putlocker depending on where you live.

In most areas, uploaders of copyrighted material are considered to be illegal. Putlocker itself may be unlawful because it is hosted while knowing that it is pirated.

However, in several places, streaming a movie or Tv show without downloading is considered as a gray zone that is neither illegitimate nor legal.

Many people have successfully used Putlocker, but some have been problematic due to copyright infringement. I hate that.

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Putlocker Proxy and Mirror sites [All Working] | 2020

1. []
2. []
3. []
4. []
5. []
6. [https://put]
7. []
8. []
9. []

Best VPN Services to Unblock Putlocker – 2020

1. Express VPN
2. CyberGhost
3. UltraVPN
4. Privateinternetaccess
5. Hotspot shield

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Top 10 Trending Movies to Watch on Putlocker | 2020

1. Wind and Water
2. Fantastic Fungi
3. Underneath The same
4. Chop Chop Chang
5. The Platform
6. The First Rainbow
7. Human Capital
8. International Falls
9. Seis Manos
10. Blow the Man Down

Top 10 Popular TV Shows to Watch on Putlocker | 2020

1. Top Chef
2. Feel Good
3. Bulletproof
4. Greenhouse Academy
5. Boomerang
6. Motherland Fort Salem
7. Little Fires Everywhere
8. Penance
9. The Plot Against America
10. Family Karma

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