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What is MPPC 2022? – Marketing and Public Policy Conference

MPPC stands for Marketing and public policy conference. The MPPC 2022 mainly focus on ways to reduce structural disparities, advocate for sustainability and strap up the power of social change. The MPPC 2022 after this covid-19 has become an important term as there has been a drastic change over the role of marketing post covid. As we move ahead with a new normal, it is important to consider how we can advocate for positive and hopeful change in the MPPC community.

MPPC 2022 – What is Public Policy Marketing?

The marketing of public policies focuses on the application of marketing concepts and techniques to promote the management of a public administration. And also, enhance the social, political and economic purposes of the actions carried out by governments. According to Kotler and Lee (2006), marketing is the best planning platform for a public agency. And, that wants to solve the needs of citizens and offer services of real value.

Marketing and public policy - MPPC 2022

Marketing focuses its concern on producing results that are valued by the population it wants to reach. Among the different objectives of a public policy marketing plan, the following stand out. Increase profits, increase the use of a service, increase the purchase of a product, make people more respect a law, improve health and safety, improve the behavior of citizens towards the environment, reduce the cost of providing a service, increase the satisfaction of citizens-clients and increase the political support that an administration has. During part of the course, we will see the instruments that Marketing offers to achieve these and other objectives.

MPPC 2022 – What does a Basic Public Policy Marketing Plan Contain?

The identification and definition of the problem that the government wants to face. At this point, the marketing plan must present a clear argument with empirical data explaining why the problem selected to work on is of public interest. Additionally, it can be said how the solution of the problem-at least partially-can be achieved using marketing instruments.

Marketing objectives must be established. In other words, the question must be answered: What is going to be done to correct the problem? The objectives presented in the program must be quantifiable, measurable and specific. Examples of objectives in public policies are the increase in the use of a service. Also, the increase in the levels of participation in a government program, a change in behavior in sectors of the citizenry. Increasing loyalty towards a product offered by the government. , increasing acceptance and compliance with a law, etc.

Situational analysis tools such as SWOT, competitor analysis, stakeholder analysis, and review of previous similar efforts should be applied.

Target Audience of Marketing and public policy

The groups we want to reach (target audience) must be defined as clearly as possible. For this, the market must be segmented. To carry out this segmentation, demographic, geographic, behavioral, psychographic, population size and purchasing power. Or access to the product or service that the government offers can be used. The cost-benefit that the service offers to each segment or social group can also be studied.

The marketing mix must be specified, that is, the marketing strategy that the government is going to use to influence the group we want to reach. This strategy takes into account four elements: the product (it can be a physical good, a service, an event, people, places, a government agency, an idea, etc.); the price (it can be monetary or non-monetary such as time, distance, loss of other alternatives, etc.); the place (how, when, where a program, a product and a service can be obtained.); and promotion (what are the central messages to be communicated, who is going to transmit the message and what are the communication channels that are going to be used. At this point it is expected that some social network channels studied in the course are included.

Role of Education in MPPC

It should explain how the plan is going to be implemented. For this, it must be made clear which people are going to do what activities. And when they are going to be carried out. A budget estimate must be included.

You must define how the program is going to be evaluated. For this, the purpose and the groups to be evaluated (target groups) must be specified. It should be made clear why the evaluation is necessary. And what we want to know from the results of the evaluation. Additionally, it must be made clear what is going to be measured. And, this can be thought of in different ways: as the use of a product or service offered by the government. Or as the result of a public policy, or as the impact of A program. It is also compulsory to make it clear how the measurement will be carried out and when it will be carried out.

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