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Mascara Write for Us

Mascara Write for Us

It’s baffling to realize that though the European Union has disqualified more than 1,300 chemicals in individual care goods, the US has made fewer than thirty deviations since 1938. Every day, we use products with substances that can possibly lead to serious health subjects for both ourselves and our environment.

Choosing healthy, safe, and clean maquillages isn’t as daunting as it may seem. We’ve created this list of our beloved natural and organic mascaras that help protect our planet and leave you feeling even more beautiful and confident.

We’ve been longtime fans of 100% PURE’s dedication to healthiness and beauty, and the brand’s mascara is a must-have creation. The Ultra Expansion Mascara coats lashes with healthy conditioners, never stripping them of their natural defensive agents. A combination of black tea, berries, and cocoa colors creates the perfect shade for blackening lashes while also lengthening and separating them. It’s our absolute favorite!

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