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Instagram Stories 101: What You Need to Know

Instagram Stories provides a compelling way for brands to meet consumers where they still exist. So there is no time like this to be enjoying Instagram Stories, which lets you merge images, text, pictures, and your favorite music into a narrative style.

After its arrival in August 2016, Stories has led marketers to connect directly with customers, increase brand publicity and improve a loyal follow-up.

And in addition to completely changing the way we all use social media and our mobile devices, it’s also making the process of growing an Instagram following a whole lot easier.

This article will include everything you’ve liked and needed about Instagram Stories, and then you can continue to share your exclusive material with your friends and fans.

Instagram Stories

Instagram Stories is a function of the Instagram app that helps you communicate to your followers through videos, images, text, sketches, and music in a loop format. As stories are uploaded, they can be viewed 24 hours in sequential order by your fans.

A normal Instagram update, the Instagram Story, lets you use stickers, emoji, text overlays, and virtual worlds effects to add charm to your images and videos. IG Stories are perfect for posting more content that you might be afraid to place on your Instagram story.

Posting Instagram Stories

Sharing Insta Stories is crazy easy—and a little obsessive. There are some points to consider when you upload your story, along with the size of your frame, the duration of your video, and the customizations that make your IG Stories more fun and exclusive.

Right Photo Size for an Instagram Story

The best Instagram Story picture has a 9:16 aspect ratio and is 1080px wide by 1920px high. You can add files of any dimension, but by design, Instagram will shrink landscapes to match the photo’s size, with a large bar at the edges of the screen.

When you upload some photo to your Insta Story, you might use your pointer finger on the display to zoom in or out of the picture. Getting them near is going to make the image smaller. Lifting them apart from each other would zoom in on the phone and make the picture bigger.

Using Special Features in your Instagram Story

Until you get the feel of uploading photographs and videos to your Insta account, you might want to get proactive and benefit from some of the distinctive features of Instagram included in the Posts.

The followings are seen at the bottom of the page when you open IG Stories:


The media feature helps you to select music clips that will complement your photographs and videos. For more information on this, be sure to read through the information below in order to get more followers to your content streams.


Then using the Live feature, you can watch a video in real-time. Just tap Live > Start Live Video to go online on your Insta Story. Instagram will begin the countdown of three seconds. You can take footage with your front-facing, or selfie camera depending on your choices. To turn between cameras, tap a dual arrow button.

Instagram Live streams are confine to one hour. When you’re done filming, tap Saving in the top right and save your video to your Camera Roll or post it with your IG Story.


The Boomerang function for Instagram Stories allows you to take up to 20 images and blend them into a video clip that loops forth and upward. To make a Boomerang video, tap Boomerang, then take your hand on the ring in the bottom middle of your monitor to take a snap of images. The video will autoplay when you’re done, and you can share these with your IG Stories since you like the way it turned out.


Superzoom is a brilliant app to add fun changes to your images, filled with filters and special effects. Define Superzoom from the Instagram Stories list again and play with the development by tapping the icons above the toggle tab. Variability includes Paparazzi, which brings with camera flashes and clicking shutters; Fire fills your picture with fire and plays ominous music; and Hearts, which adds a romantic love song and pink hearts to your portrait.


The Rewind functionality lets you post your videos in reverse. To make your video, hit the tab key. Rewind would display the back of the recording.

Is the Future of IG Instagram Stories?

Instagram Stories are a great way to post custom content during the day, while also engaging with your audience. Research project with a range of images, animations, and triggers to better appreciate what the audiences want to see. The more fans you review your stories, the more content you resonate with them like Microsoft Outlook error [pii_email_61961f23fa6a16c0cf3e]

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