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Indica Online: Your Best Plug for Dispensary Delivery.

Owning a cannabis dispensary is never enough. There are several operations that go on in a dispensary including production, sales, inventory tracking and delivery. Delivery is almost the most important. That is why most dispensary owners seek to find the best delivery methods they can employ to make sure that their customers have access to the CBD products that they already purchased. For the growth of any medical dispensary, customer reviews about delivery is paramount. The benefits of medical dispensary delivery is that patients can order their medication with instant gratification. Eligible patients can typically order their medication through the online system. Therefore, every dispensary owner must discover the best company or method to run deliveries for her customers. Besides, no cannabis business or dispensary can stay compliant by working manually. You should be able to choose a software program that fits your cannabis delivery business needs.

IndicaOnline Delivery.

IndicaOnline is an online software company that is committed to ensuring that every aspect of your cannabis business is successful. They are an efficient cannabis software program which continuously upgrades to be compliant.

They have had several milestones since the year 2011 when it was first established in California. It comprises delivery app, Portify and also spreading her operations to Oregon and Canada.

IndicaOnline is an advanced delivery software that ensures faster delivery, up-to-date menus, and synchronized inventory. This makes it easy for you to make sales and your customers to make purchases at their convenience. There are modules and a lot of features which are geared towards boosting your sales, your mobility of products and inventory tracking.

Work with IndicaOnline to enjoy a raise in orders and also maximize customer satisfaction.

Dispatch Mode.

The IndicaOnline dispatcher mode is a feature that allows dispatchers to see what all officers are currently doing on the map. This can help dispatchers to make decisions about which officer should be called, where the officer is needed, and what type of call is coming in next.

IndicaOnline dispatcher mode streamlines an often complicated process by giving dispatchers a better view of the situation on the map. This reduces decision making time for dispatchers which can save time and money for an organization. The dispatcher mode is a system that can be used to manage the dispatching of staff. It is an integrated system for dispatching employees to various sites, with the capability to assign different tasks within the same visit. The dispatcher module also handles scheduling and can coordinate work between staff, suppliers and customers.

Before, dispatchers had to do everything manually, but now they can use different tools like IndicaOnline to take care of the most tedious work. This dispatch mode has four different modes that each have a specific function: normal, prioritized, high-priority and expert. This system as you can now understand the essence of employing a software program that can reduce stress, make delivery easier and satisfy your customers.


Indica is an online medical marijuana delivery service in California. They deliver cannabis to patients in need within 2-4 hours of ordering. Indica’s success is due to their use of technology and innovation. Indica is a cannabis dispensary that provides online delivery services of cannabis products. They use an online platform that enables them to deliver cannabis quickly and efficiently while servicing a growing number of patients in need. Indica delivers the finest quality of cannabis products to your doorstep.

The delivery time is usually 1-2 hours after you place your order. And yes, they do deliver on weekends too!

Indica offers same-day delivery to any address in the Bay Area, California, Oregon and Canada.

Cannabis use for medical purposes is legal in Canada which means that many people are taking advantage of this opportunity. Your dispensary can jump on it as well

The Indica Online dispensary is a modern cannabis dispensary that offers cannabis products to patients at the comfort of their home. This online weed delivery service provides an efficient solution for patients looking for medical cannabis products. With this dispensary, you can get your medication delivered to your doorsteps, without having to go through the trouble of finding a cannabis outlet in person.

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