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EliteTorrent 2020 – Watch Free Movies and 6 Best Alternative Websites to EliteTorrent, Elitetorrent ios

EliteTorrent Watch Movies and Tv Series

EliteTorrent has been the benchmark in torrent downloads for a long time. But it has never been the only option and, now that it is blocked in some countries – and for a long time – the truth is that we have a wide variety of alternatives to EliteTorrent. It is true that the web appears and disappears, but it doesn’t hurt to have alternatives on hand. And no, there is nothing to fear because the availability of links reaches its level, or even exceeds it, and their quality is also perfectly up to the task. But what are the complete websites, and the best in this ‘niche’ of the Internet?

There are websites dedicated to the torrent kannada that has not ceased to exist but have ceased to be available to users who connect to the Internet. Although it is easy to skip blocking a website, not all users know how to do it. Besides, when a portal of this type is blocked, it is normal for the number of users to decrease significantly. And, as their community decreases, the upload of torrent links also decreases. Be that as it may, as we mentioned, there is a wide variety of alternatives to EliteTorrent for users who are looking for them, and it is worth taking a look.

Entering EliteTorrent in 2020: What is the good domain of the web?

A simple search on Google or DuckDuckGo shows us that several web pages claim to be EliteTorrent. We must take extreme precautions when visiting them since many are a nest of malware that only seeks to infect our PC or mobile. A trick to know if we are dealing with a legitimate website is to check if downloading a torrent we download a .torrent file (normal) or a .zip that hides files with “dangerous” extensions such as .vbs. We should not execute the latter under any circumstances.

Until now, was the official and active domain of the download portal. This came as a substitute for, which had been working until now. This, in turn, came to replace, then, and then The crusade against the best-known download portal continues, and it will not be the last domain change that we have to tell.

However, during the third weekend of February 2020, a new domain had to be enabled to access EliteTorrent. In this case, automatically redirects us to, which right now, we can consider the official domain. The previous one lasted a few days, so we may soon have news about it.

In March, it enables a domain in the form of What’s more, all of the above redirect to that domain, which, at the moment, should be considered the official EliteTorrent and the best option to enter 2020.

6 Best Alternatives to EliteTorrent in 2020



This is, no doubt, one of the best alternatives to EliteTorrent in 2020. And it has a fairly simple interface to understand to navigate easily.

2. ExtraTorrent


Extratorrent is another great alternative to EliteTorrent with a fairly active user community, which has been responsible for giving descriptions and commenting on almost any file that is indexed on the page.

3. Putlocker



This page houses the trackers directly, in addition to helping access to an expanse of torrent files. The best thing about torrent reactor is that, unlike others, you do not need to register or sign-up to access torrents war movie online watch

4. LimeTorrents


This is another similar site to EliteTorrent that has become almost as popular as EliteTorrent. And which is obviously full of movies and other files of dubious provenance. The only con of limetorrents is that it is crowded with advertising. And clicking it will open both the page you are expecting and an advertising window in which we urge you not to click.

5. Torrentz


Perhaps the best alternative that exists. Torrentz, more than a torrent page, is considered as a search engine that explores the database of the most prominent torrent pages that exist. If you are looking for something there, it will give you results on all the pages we list on these lines and many more. It is your decision on which to trust.

6. The Pirate Bay


Or you can always go back to the most classic. Although remember that it is always changing the domain to try to avoid closure.

How Users Worldwide use a VPN to Access and Browse Pirated Sites Safely

As many of these torrents might be blocked or restricted in various countries by governed orders. For which many users use a VPN service to access these sites safely. Below are some of the VPN service providers.

Elite Torrent Proxy and Unblocked Mirror List | 2020


We at Divinebeautytips never promote any piracy or torrent websites. Furthermore, we respect the copyright act law made by the government for piracy websites like EliteTorrent and more.

The article shown above is only to provide our readers with the necessary information. And also, we do not aim to urge our followers to use piracy websites. Instead, we advise our readers to stay away from these kinds of sites.

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