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Most profitable business ideas for northeast India

Business Ideas: There are two main ways to start a food-based business: you can sell your products or you can sell your expertise. While you can sell both at different times, the latter has the potential for greater financial reward. A good example of this is consulting; if you have experience in the food industry and know how to successfully run a restaurant or other food establishment, you could offer your services as a consultant for hire.

No matter which route you decide to go down, there are several important points that need to be considered by anyone starting their own food-based business. So undoubtedly selecting the right business whether you want to sell Sikkim food or offer tourist services is a major decision that decides what needs to be done next. So here are some of the best business ideas suggestions for starting in northeast India.

1. Food Truck Business:

If you wish to start a restaurant with low investment then think about starting a food truck business. A mobile food truck can be made at a low cost and can be parked at any place you find suitable for your business. You must have a commercial vehicle driving license, business registration certificate, permission from the authority, health certificate and other documents needed to run this business successfully.

2. Fruit Juice Shop:

The fruit juice business has a huge demand in India as it is considered a healthy drink. Besides selling fruit juices, you can also sell ice-creams, smoothies and shakes along with it. To start a fruit juice shop you need to pay the rent of the shop and make an initial investment to buy equipment such as blenders, juicers, refrigerators etc along with the raw

3. Ice Cream Parlour:

In hot summer months there is no greater delight than having ice creams and cold drinks etc. That’s why an ice cream parlour can also become a good small business idea for you with low investment. You can easily get the required material like fruits etc. from the local market on daily basis.

4. Bakery

A bakery business is a profitable business venture. And as time changes, the way people take their food changes too. Baked goods are loved by almost everyone in varying capacities. Therefore, if you have sound knowledge about baking then starting your own small bakery is one of the best small scale businesses that can be started.

You need to understand the market demand before you start your own bakery business. Also, you need to ensure that you use only quality ingredients in all the dishes or food items that you serve to your customers.

5. Native food business

Food joints with a theme are very common however, not all themes have been covered. For instance, if you are an expert at Manipur food, there may not be many places that serve that. Hence you could start a restaurant serving the same. Not only will this make you stand out even in the crowded food business but it will create employment opportunities for different people from different backgrounds.

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